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    Need a custom softwares, application, code snippets, logo, template or stationary designed? Post your contest here and let others compete for the prize. In order to post a contest in the Contests category, you must abide by the following rules.

    1. Once the contest is finished, it is your responsibility to declare the winner publicly (if there is a winner). You will need to contact the winner privately to arrange the payment of their prize.
    2. It is your responsibility to describe in which format you require the work to be submitted.
    3. Contests that contain adult content are not acceptable based on the general rules. Admin / moderator will be the final to decide if the contest contains un-acceptable data.
    4. Contest poster should be actively posting to the replies and if contest poster does not post for an entire week, and there are entries requiring feedback, the contest will be considered abandoned.
    5. The contest holder may cancel a contest, but when doing so he must give a reason for cancelling the contest, and provide feedback on every entry that was submitted up until the time the contest was cancelled.
    6. CFanatic marketplace is not a intermediate to monetary transactions between Marketplace members and while we'll attempt to ensure the contests are fair and legitimate, Cfanatic cannot accept responsibility for any losses or damages.
    7. CFanatic does not hold any private contests for a particluar person and the listing is made public as well as spiderable by search engines and included in search results. Please keep this in mind when posting any information which you consider to be sensitive or do not want to be shared / discussed in public.
    8. If anybody sees a contest within the Contests section which is not following the guidelines, they should use the [​IMG] link which appears at the top of each post. Moderators will be notified and respond accordingly.
    9. Only those wishing to enter a contest may reply to listings in the Contests category.
    10. Negative comments or criticism of the contest holder, the way in which the contest is conducted, or any other entrants are strictly not allowed. If you require clarification about a detail of a contest or feedback on your design, you should ask it in a constructive manner and without criticism.
    11. All entries must be your own work. If you have used some other free sampler code you should give them the credit.
    12. If you think the prize money is too low, do NOT post in the contest complaining about it.
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