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    Im kind of curious to see if everyones kids are pretty much the same, or if the answers will vary a whole lot.

    What do your kids have on their Christmas list? Also, whether they are boy or girl and age

    My Daughter is 8 and her Christmas list is :

    Zhu Zhu Pets
    ICarly game for the DS and the Wii
    Littlest Pet Shop DS game
    Mario and Luigi Bowsers Inside Story for DS
    Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics for DS
    Rabbits Go Home for DS I never even heard of this one...she may be making it up LOL
    Littlest Pet Shops then she puts..."Cute ones" HA
    A stuffed cat that looks like Grandmas cat
    A Big Blue chihuahua again...I have NO idea what she is talking about...I assume its a stuffed toy?? Maybe she saw it in a catalog???

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