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    Due to the increasing dependence on bar coded information, the need for "readable" symbols is imperative for Barcode Verification as well as the need for some good Barcode Verification Equipment. Larger retailers are severely penalizing suppliers for sub-standard bar codes. Regardless of where bar codes are actually produced, a verification program should be enacted. Companies furnishing bar codes on their products (shipments) must be assured the that bar code symbol can be read, and the correct information is encoded by the Barcode Verifier.

    Since there are many levels of verification, Bar Code Graphics offer a diverse selection of bar code print verifiers, ranging from simple decoding to detailed ISO/ANSI grading. Deep knowledge of bar code mechanics and printing allows roperly match verification requirements with the appropriate equipment.

    Our $12 Order Processing Charge (USA orders only) provides two days delivery for all items ordered, no matter how large or how many Labels & Ribbons may be extra due to weight/cost ratio.

    I hope I am not violating the terms and condition and I am just providing the review about the product and it will help the programmers here.

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