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Automate you business! We can create custom bots for you.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by fabio76, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Jan 25, 2010
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    Services: Creation of Work flow Automation Softwares for your business.
    Hello community!
    This is my new service:
    Services Creation of Work flow Automation Softwares

    Are you tired of sorting through piles of paperwork everyday?
    Is your productivity affected because you cannot access files in time?
    Do you need a single location to store your information that can be accessed anytime?

    Worry no more!
    With this service, I am offering you the chance to automate your business processes and work flows to increase your productivity, speed and efficiency.

    Why should you automate your business processes?
    Automating your business tasks is the best thing you can do to ensure the best productivity for your company, that means more money and time for yourself.

    What kind of businesses can be automated?
    Virtually any kind of business that demands a lot of paperwork, has multiple users or needs a single location where all users can access vital information.
    A few examples:
    Database creation and manipulation.
    Stats reporting system
    General web publishing,
    Or maybe you are a web master with hundreds of websites and you need a way to manage them all at once, add new content, update your site, cloning it, check your back links, keyword rankings, etch.

    How can I be sure that you know my business processes before automating them?
    I know that, before trying to automate your work flow, I need to understand your business course of action carefully. This is why I will make sure to analyze your existing business procedures completely before automating them.

    Is very hard for me to try and make a general price list for this kind of service,
    since every customer will need a different service altogether,
    The best option I came up with is to charge you by the time i will need to deliver your request, I believe 10$ per hour is a fair price,
    Once we discussed the procedures to automate (you won't be charged for this off course...)
    I will send you a quote if you accept you can pay me half of the price right away and the rest after the service is completed,
    is like having a 50% refund offer...
    If you don't like what I have done for you, just don't pay me, that's all!

    Finally off course!
    I have 1 itrader and you want free reviews...
    I will give 3 totally free review copy to any trusted member of the forum.
    What can you ask me for this free review copy?
    Well anything that will take me more or lees 5-7 Hrs to complete.
    How do you know what I can do in 5-7 Hrs?
    You right...
    I don't know myself, it really depends on too many variables that I have no control on!
    Just ask and I am sure we can find a solution to do something useful and free for you to prove that I am honest and serious about this service.

    What language do you use for your softwares?
    I use vb net (ubot) javascripts, php and mysql manly.
    All the software will be controlled by a ubot software interface.
    Why do you use ubot?
    Why not? Is the very fast and delivers, nevertheless you can have your softwares developed in Visual Studio but I will have to charge you more, same price per hour but it will take me more time to finish your project and I believe that your final result would be pretty much the same, I can make you a fancier design interface that I cant do with ubot but I believe that efficiency and a cheaper price would be more valuable for you.
    If have more questions please post it and I will add them here.

    Thank you. ​

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