30 Digg and 30 Delicious at 8$

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    30 Digg and 30 Delicious at 8$ (USD)

    You know how traffic comes after submitting in delicious and digg i am here to give you at very cheap rate.

    To answer a lot of people's questions,"why do you need 50 diggs to do this".
    Well the reason is because anything under 10 diggs nobody really intends to read, or to indeed "digg it".
    With digging the URL of your choice up to 50, I guarantee many more will follow, as this is the requirement that would keep people interested.
    All 50 diggs will indeed have separate IP addresses, so that should save some time on questions asked.

    I offer the chance to anyone who would like to receive more traffic to their website, and increase sales from it.
    I need
    Your URL,Keyword, Description, Category

    I will give you review copies after 2-3 days.

    if you want something different plan and sugesstion then pm me i can give any service at low price.
    payment via paypal only.

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