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    As soon as the ball dropped in Times Square on January 1st, 2014, new ideas and innovations began flooding into the World Wide Web. Some analysts have made bold predictions as to the expected popular new trends that would appear this year, while some classic and simple web design attributes will remain timeless. A majority of the changes have been shaped by the ever-changing Internet, which has enhanced the way humans communicate everyday. In order to communicate a sales pitch from a business, or reach a wider audience for your blog, there are some trends that work better than others. Exploring the current trends and best all around practices will help create a smooth transitional strategy into 2014 and beyond.

    2014, the latest web design updates

    The Apple Corporation has been a trendsetting brand for a long time. With their sleek and modern computers and mobile devices, they have established a benchmark for all other tech providers to match. One important trend started by Apple that’s taking over in 2014 is typography fonts that are sleeker and display more personality. Some fonts can convey humor while others can still be professional, but display a dash of fun. These types of fonts liven up web content and the blogosphere has predicted they will be considered the top trend for this year. Along with slimmer typography fonts, minimalist web designs that are clean and flat have become popular for this years web designs. Large high definition pictures, flash video content and social media hosted slides show have enhanced website designs. Now designers are seeking more knowledge on how to design websites with fancy flash code additions or video and moving backgrounds. “Large Hero” areas or the introduction area appearing at the beginning of most web pages are becoming increasingly popular. Most areas are comprised of a large vibrant image, 1900 pixels or more, with a small amount of text that gives a preview to the website that captures a viewer’s attention. Some contain videos or catchy phrases that are now replacing sliders as the preferred website introductory content. These are great and widely employed by websites wishing to sell a product or attract new customers for their business.

    On the Road again, mobile users impact

    Web designers have taken on a new challenge as a result of the new shape of Internet browsing. Mobile web searches are becoming increasingly popular as most users find themselves searching on the go. Creating content that is mobile friendly requires great skill. Already beginning to dominate the percentage of Internet browsers, mobile users account for more than 50% of all Internet traffic. Mobile smart phones and tablet PC’s have taken the next 20%. That means websites must be flexible enough to be used on a wide variety of devices. Any business or individual who wishes to reach the 1.2 billion mobile users on the planet should consider mobile content to be a dual best trend for 2014, and best practice for future use. Most experts are guessing that in the future mobile content will completely replace desktop PC access.

    Most web designers and developers have started experimenting with designing mobile hybrid apps. Mobile apps are being designed as webpages that users can access whether they have Internet connectivity or not. This is a huge advantage to mobile users who suffer from dead areas or zones with limited mobile wireless service. Successful web designers for 2014 have started incorporating the ability to use cameras and GPS positioners from mobile phones as a part of their websites and apps. This instantly enhances user experience and will be necessary for keeping up with the current trend of mobility dominating the web.

    Best Practices for today and tomorrow

    With the future of web browsing shifting and changing so rapidly it can seem difficult to keep up. Luckily, there are still some simple and efficient all around best practices that will be necessary and utilized for years to come. With minimalism and neat designs taking over, future practices will rely on web pages being designed with simplicity in mind. Eliminating unwanted content or making a website as clean as possible will increase attractiveness and directly communicate any message you desire. Information should be easy to find and free of typographical or grammatical errors. All websites should be made with a focus to a specific target audience or group. Narrowing down your target audience will clarify who or what your content is intended for, as opposed to reaching an uninterested public. This is advisable for companies reaching to advertise a certain product or a blogger wishing to gain a respectable following. Creating a web design with the user in mind will always reap bountiful results. All hyper links should be working and all videos and photos should be related to the information being conveyed on the website. Have multiple web pages? Make sure they are all mobile and browser friendly. With more competition entering the market, other browsers could eventually be designed which will need to display your web information. Updating content frequently and confirming that information is accurate or reliable will increase website search rankings and reach a wider audience.

    Experts agree that most trends for 2014 revolve around the idea of simplicity. Minimalist designs and flat crisp graphics have taken over this year as the favored choice for top web designers and developers. These specifications go hand in hand with the also rising popularity of mobile devices. Creating colorful, lively and bold websites that incorporate mobile technology in its design will increase visibility and user enjoyment. Businesses and individuals that wish to reach a larger audience are taking hold of these advantages in order to create stellar content that will impress future audiences. By adhering to the best practices listed, web designers will always be able to design a web page that will target and match their website content to the correct group. More changes and trends will be identified and used in the coming years. Keeping up with the trends could mean saving the life of your business, or spreading your unique message with the world, forever.

    So are your designs clean, flat and minimal?

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