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    Web Hosting Choice is a webiste where you can specify your requirements and the website searches for the best hosting sites that meet your requirements.

    For newbies the site has a dedicated learning area where the basic and important aspects of hosting are well explained. The intelligently created FAQ page will answer most of your queries.

    Some of us usually need specfic hosting features which are not very common, like MSSQL hosting, FFMPEG support and so on, so Web Hosting Choice has web hosting plans directory where the features are segregated into sections where you will find the web hosts which provide the features. It really helps you narrow down your search. The search provides critical details like price, setup cost, disk space provided, data transfer limit, etc.

    For those that need to grill down to specifics, we have an advanced search page that allows you to pick every single feature you want with web hosting.

    For example, I used the the web hosting directory to find MSSQL hosts ranging from $6/year to $76/year, some with setup fees and some without, in the first page itself.

    Overall, offers a wonderful facility to search for the best hosting solution available which meets your requirements.

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