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    In this article we will under stand How to Pass Data From Controller to View.

    How to Pass Data From Controller to View using ViewBag and ViewData?

    ViewBag and ViewData In Asp.Net MVC.png

    Both are used to pass data from controller to view.

    ViewData is a dictionary of objects which store and retrieve the data based on key.

    ViewData["Today"] = DateTime.Now;
    ViewBag uses the dynamic keyword internally and the dynamic keyword is introduced in C# v4. It allows objects to add as properties.

    ViewBag.list = list;
    In this, both do not provide compile-time error checking. Means if given ABC as a key name in the controller and in view if you misspell Abc then it will not provide compile-time checking. You will get the error at runtime only. It is good practice to pass data from controller to view using a strongly typed model.

    ViewBag is a sugar coating over ViewData. Internally ViewBag properties are stored name-value pair list.

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