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Track File Changes with Ruby & inotify

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by pradeep, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Ruby has become quite popular these days for writing maintenance & monitoring scripts, and a feature many of these kinds of scripts require is tracking files & directories for changes. Ruby has a few gems which let you accomplish this task easily, the one we are going to discuss about is rb-inotify.

    rb-inotify is a simple wrapper written using FFI around the inotify system calls, which is boon for people using shared servers or accounts with restricted access as there is no C/C++ extension to be compiled, so very easy to install. Those who have used the C API will feel very comfortable with it.

    Installing rb-notify gem

    Issue the following command from a shell:

    $ gem install rb-inotify

    Using rb-notify to track changes to files & directories

    rb-inotify uses the inotify system library, so essentially rb-notify can track all attributes that it supports, here's a list of masks & their being description:

    access          File was accessed (read) 
    attrib          Metadata changed (permissions, timestamps, extended attributes, etc.) 
    close_write     File opened for writing was closed 
    close_nowrite   File not opened for writing was closed 
    create          File/directory created in watched directory 
    delete          File/directory deleted from watched directory 
    delete_self     Watched file/directory was itself deleted
    modify          File was modified
    move_self       Watched file/directory was itself moved
    moved_from      File moved out of watched directory 
    moved_to        File moved into watched directory 
    open            File was opened
    Now, let's get our hands dirty with some code:

    require 'rubygems'
    require 'rb-inotify'
    notifier = INotify::Notifier.new
    notifier.watch("/tmp/pradeep", :create, :delete, :attrib) do |event|
    	event.flags.each do |flag|
    		## convert to string
    		flag = flag.to_s
    		puts case flag
    			when 'create' then "#{event.name} created in /tmp/pradeep"
    			when 'delete' then "#{event.name} deleted in /tmp/pradeep"
    			when 'attrib' then "#{event.name}'s attributes changed in /tmp/pradeep"
    ## loop, wait for events from inotify
    [pradeep@glentauchers]$ ruby aa.rb &
    [1] 20060
    [pradeep@glentauchers]$ echo '1' > /tmp/pradeep/pop.op01
    [pradeep@glentauchers]$ pop.op01 created in /tmp/pradeep
    [pradeep@glentauchers]$ rm !$
    rm /tmp/pradeep/pop.op01
    pop.op01 deleted in /tmp/pradeep
    [pradeep@glentauchers]$ chmod +x /tmp/pradeep/pop.op00
    pop.op00's attributes changed in /tmp/pradeep
    It's as simple as that, try it out and you may find it a lot useful when required.
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