The Computer Crash

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    Why does my computer crash?

    1. Bad Hardware
    2. Bad Ram
    3. Viruses (Unwanted Programs)
    4. Denial Of Service Attacks.
    5. Overheated.
    6. Registry is Corrupt.

    1. Bad hardware will say that its hardware conflict it can be Hardware so aren't properly installed on the computer.

    2. Bad Ram (Random Access Memory) this problem may occur when there is dust on the RAM chip or it can This will say you get bad access to you RAM and it is slower than it should be this may crash the computer.

    3. Viruses and other Unwanted programs may cause weird actions on the computer like it randomly restarts. it can also freeze the computer so you can't do any tasks on it.

    4. Denial of Service attack is a Network attack this will say to flowed the user with packets. When the computer is wasting all the resources on sending back packets to a computer so doesn't exist the computer will crash and freeze.

    5. CPU (Central Processing Unit) needed to be have air. When it doesn't get the air it need it will get overheated and when that happened this may crash the computer so its important that you are taking away dust so are getting collect there.

    6. When you are installing Software it will make changes to the registry when you take away the programs the entries will still remain in the registry. When there are to many registry entries of uninstalled programs it can give big problems it may slow down the system performance and it may also crash the computer.
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