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  1. SQL Server management studio is used for creation and use of the database objects. The Database Engine Tuning Advisor is used for administering the database activities. The BI solutions are implemented using the SQL Server Business Intelligence development studio.

    SQL Server is associated with the SQL Server management studio. The database objects are managed using the management studio. The different components available with the management studio are object explorer, solution explorer, query editor, etc.

    Object Explorer

    An object explorer displays data in a hierarchical format. User can easily view all the objects available in the server. User can browser, manage and register servers using object explorer.


    The explorer window consists of different components are listed below:

    1. Databases: Various databases are added under the Database folder. The system databases and user defined databases are created under this folder. The system databases like master, model, msdb, and tempdb are available.
    2. Security: The login and users roles are created and appropriate permissions are assigned to it
    3. Server objects: The backup devices, linked servers and triggers are added to the server objects.
    4. Replication: The subscriptions and publications are added under the replication tab
    5. Management: It contains mail service, distribution transaction coordinator, and server logs.
    Solution Explorer

    Solution explorer window displays an organized format for the files and projects present in the system. The projects contain tables, connections, files, queries, etc. More than one projects are related to each other through a container which is called solution.

    Registered Servers

    The window of the registered server displays the different servers which are registered under the studio. The information about authentication type, default database, network protocol, encryption and time out parameters.


    Query Editor

    The query editor window helps user to execute the queries created using the T-SQL. The scripts which contain the sqlcmd commands are also executed. The linking to the reference topics for a T-SQL statement is possible using the query editor.


    Template Explorer

    The Template explorer contains a set of templates of SQL queries for executing the database operations. The time for query creation is saved. The templates can be viewed in the template explorer. User can open the template explorer by clicking View, Template Explorer option.

    The templates are useful for projects, solutions, and various code editors. The objects like views, databases, tables, triggers, stored procedures, etc are easily created. The server can be easily managed through the creation of logins, roles, extended properties, linked servers, etc.


    Dynamic Help

    The dynamic help window can be opened by clicking the Help menu of the studio. The links to the appropriate information is displayed automatically.

    SQL Server Configuration Manager

    It helps the database admins to manage the services related to the SQL Server. The services contain SQL Server Agent, Analysis services, reporting services, integration services, etc. The tool is used for resuming the services.

    The network connectivity from the clients system is easily managed using this tool. The protocols used for connecting the client computers is defined.

    Database Engine Tuning Advisor

    It helps the database administrator for analyzing and maintaining the performance of the server. Once the performance of the T-SQL statements is analyzed, user can modify the database objects. The statements can be executed in the least server time.

    SQL Server Profiler

    The events are monitored through the profiler. The events contain connections, procedures, batches, statements, etc. The data saved from these events are used for analysis. The details about the query to be submitted, database access, result are returned from the query.

    SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

    It is used as an environment for developing the business intelligence solutions. The result are dependent on the data created by an organization and helps in concluding decisions which are used in future. The development studio created following types of solution:
    1. Data Integration - The service helps user to created solutions which are integrated from various data sources and saved them in a data warehouse.
    2. Data reporting - The services helps user to build reports in various formats dependent on the warehouse
    3. Data analysis - The data saved in the warehouse is analyzed through the analysis service
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