Splitting File into Parts in PHP

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    Recently i had to implement a file split-er in PHP and was shocked find how LESS pre written scripts are available for the task. So thought of writing a quick one myself.

    If you just want the code, I have a fully featured php script hosted at github
    Just download it there and well CONTRIBUTE :)


    1. Take the URL of the base file [we donot write the file upload part]
    2. Take the size of a part of the file [lets call it buffer]
    3. Read a buffer size of amount from the file till end-of-file is reached
    4. For every read part, write it as a seperate file
    5. For clarity the naming of files go like input_file_name.part<no>
      ex: myawesomefile.png.part0 myawesomefile.png.part1

    The Code

     * A file splitter function for php
     * Can split a file to number of parts depending on the buffer size given
     * @author manujith pallewatte [manujith.nc@gmail.com]
     * @date   30/10/13
     *  *
     * @param  $file String
     * Path of the file to split
     * @param $buffer number
     * The [maximum] size of the part of a file
     * @return array S
     * et of strings containing the paths to the parts
    function fsplit($file,$buffer=1024){
    //open file to read
    $file_handle fopen($file,'r');
    //get file size
    $file_size filesize($file);
    //no of parts to split
    $parts $file_size $buffer;
    //store all the file names
    $file_parts = array();
    //path to write the final files
    $store_path "splits/";
    //name of input file
    $file_name basename($file);
    //read buffer sized amount from file
    $file_part fread($file_handle$buffer);
    //the filename of the part
    $file_part_path $store_path.$file_name.".part$i";
    //open the new file [create it] to write
    $file_new fopen($file_part_path,'w+');
    //write the part of file
    //add the name of the file to part list [optional]
    //close the part file handle
    //close the main file handle   

    Most of the code is documented but i'll get into some important areas. First few lines are about taking in the filename, extracting the basename [thefile.exe part]

    Next we find the number of parts to make
    no_of_parts = size_of_file / buffer_size

    Then we loop through 0 - no_of_parts in each loop we read a portion of the input file. Now the question is why php wont read the same portion always. It's simple, because when reading a file php keeps a pointer as to well where it is reading now. Thus when we tell it to read the second time, it simply start to read from the point it stopped previously :)

    Convenient huh?

    So DONE! You now have a complete splitter written in php - https://github.com/ManZzup/phpfsplit and you are free to carry it anywhere

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