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    Write a modular C program that accepts by keyboard input five (5) user-scores of the PS5 gaming console.
    The program must repeatedly request from each user, ratings on the following factors of the PS5 gaming console: • cost,
    • games,
    • backward compatibility, and
    • screen resolution.
    All factors are to be scored using a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 represents the highest rating on a factor and 1 represents the lowest. All 4 factor scores must be totalled and stored within the PS5_Scoring Array, giving a score out of 20 for each user.
    Write three functions to achieve the following requirements of the program.
    1. Print the lowest score for the PS5 console.
    2. Print the highest score for the PS5 console
    3. Calculate and print the average of the scores for the PS5 console. Determines and print the average ratings on
    the PS5 gaming console as:
    a. “Excellent” if the average is between 16 and 20,
    b. “Average” if the average is between 10 and 15, and
    c. “Poor” if the average is between 0 and 9.

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