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    About Wibiya

    Wibiya is a beta service offered to the users, which helps one in boosting their websites.

    This toolbar is an all-in-one tool which has a lot of features. Some of the services offered are
    • search
    • Number of online users
    • translator
    • Photo gallery
    • Testimonials
    • You tube vidoes
    • Games
    • twitter and facebook integration
    • Live chat
    • RSS feed etc.
    How to have yours:

    Goto the page You'll have an option "get it now". Create an account and select the theme. You ll have a variety of applications to choose from. Choose the one which fits ur site well.

    It has a very customized 'Add it' option which helps u greatly in adding the toolbar to ur site. U can directly get ur code if u have the following type of sites.
    • wordpress
    • blogger
    • typepad
    • Joomla CMS
    • Drupal CMS
    • Ning
    • vBulletin
    If your site doesn't fit in any of these u can choose the option "Install on webistes and other blog platforms"


    You can troubleshoot if something goes wrong.
    • Activate Toolbar After Page Load
      This will be very much useful if ur site is down due to some issues. If u didn't select this ur site will be blank and the toolbar will be loaded. Or ur site may take a long time to load.
    • JavaScript / Framework Conflict
    • Flash Objects Overlay The Toolbar


    This toolbar is definitely worth a try if u own a blog or a website.

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