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    What is a Zombie Computer?
    You have defently heard about this word "Zombie Computer" this mean that a computer have been taken over by a hacker so have Remote access to the computer. The hacker is using this computer to spread viruses and attacking other computers. This is very good tactic to not getting detected. ​
    What is Phishing?
    This can be E-Mail you get it says it is from your Local Bank. They want you to give your Credit card number and stuff like that. This may seems very real but it is't. They want to steal Sensetive Information from you. You may get it from E-mails and also it can be fake websites so looks very really. They want you to type in password to ect your YouTube account. What really happend is that they store your password in a txt file and they have your password so they can steal your account.
    What is Malware?
    The name means Malicious Software they download or include virus, Trojan Horses, Worm, Adware ,Spyware,Rootkit. They attack your computer without you knowing anything about it. So when you have a Malware on your computer its really hard to get it 100% clean Trend Micro have made an Program named "HiJackThis" so is going to help you to take away advanced Malwares..
    What is Rootkit?
    They are made to hide files and data from the computer. This is program so are taking control over the computer its act like some kinda (Administator) they are saved as Drivers and kernal modules ect. They are normaly Trojan Horses.
    What is a Dropper?
    This is a program so will try to download or drop a Malware on your computer this may be ect back-door or virus. They may also check for vulnerabilities and exploits. This will be called some kinda "Injection"
    What is a Keylogger?
    This is a program so is made to catch all keystrokes you do on your computer They are made for steal Information ect password,Username and other stuff. This is a big Privacy risk. Keyloggers are basicelly Trojan Horses.

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