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    How can i protect my selfs against Viruses?

    you may download a Firewall and AV Program. But the problems with viruses is that its always the viruses so are all the time one step ahead of the AV's this is since the AV's must always wait to a new virus is coming out so they can detect it. So what is really the a good Protection against this kinda Software so wanna destroy your computer? Well knowledge is the Best Protection against everything. If you hold your self updated whats new about computer viruses and know how you can take them away manually. Sometimes not even an AV can detect it what then?

    You should follow a few steps to detect what it might be:

    - When did this problem occur?
    - What did i download?
    - Any Suspicious happens on the computer recently?
    - Check for changes on your system.
    - Any websites i visited before this problem happens?

    This is some easy ways to check out where you may get it from. Its always important to find out where you got it from so you can remember that to the next time you might get another infection. IT (Information Technology) is all the time in big changes its all the time something new so is happening this its very important to try to hold your selfs up to date. When you have removed a lot of Viruses on your computer it might happen your computer wont be the same again since. To Cure a virus can also be very a pain in the ***. Since there is alot of side effects that the AV's programs can't take away. So its very hard to recover a system 100%. When a hacker already is in your system it can do vital damage on the computer. So remember to stay safe on the Internet. Don't take risks so might end your computer life. The Computer is most likely a Human. When human get a virus they might over live it or they might die. Same is with the computer it doesn't live for long if you don't take care of it.

    Its also important to know what kinda virus you dealing with. Since every Virus type have different way to infect the system on. This also helps you sometimes to know where its will infect and also may be you know how to take it away since you have the knowledge about how it works and where it will normally attack. This is important also you know how you can recover the system to the normal condition again. Its always smart to know the Opponent you are attacked by.

    Another big threat today is Vulnerabilities they can you find everywhere in every single Software. Thats why it is extremely important to patch up every software you have on your computer to the newest versions so you can avoid to be attacked. SQL Injection is an ect of a Vulnerability this can steal the Password and Username of the owner of the webpage.

    How can i avoid this kinda problem? Get the latest Version of "MySQL" Many people today are'nt thinking about this as a threat i think. This is since not everyone even know about this kinda attack? Knowledge is Power for say it Simple.

    Stay Safe Everyone on the net :D
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