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    Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Are you a small or medium sized business owner looking around for splendid business opportunities? As a business owner, it is very important to advertise the products and services so that people will be aware of the services. Traditional advertisement might prove very expensive in the long run. Advertisement in the television channels, news print medium, radio channels would demand a hefty investment and a start up company cannot afford to do so. There are many business vendors who are finding it hard to reach out to the common masses. It is high time to find out the alternative to these mechanisms so as to gain the maximum visibility in the market.

    Promotional Product – Complements The Advertising Channels

    These products are being used to popularize their products and services. It has been followed traditionally and researches prove that the ROI has been great for promotional products. This kind of advertising cannot be a substitute for the main stream advertising. However, it can complement well and can be used to improve the brand visibility.

    Researches reveal that people who had received such products while shopping had a positive image about the company and its services. These gift items have a positive influence on their mind. Also, those who had received the products are ready to recommend the services of the company to their friends and family members.

    What Are The Products To Be Used?

    Almost any product can be used as gift items. Right from an expensive gift to a safety pin can be given away. Some of the commonly used products are T-shirts, pen, pen stand, coffee mug, photo frame, key chain etc. Business owners who wish to spend more on these items will try to distribute the same products that are made out of quality material and that will long last for a life time. There is no restriction when it comes to distributing the gift items.

    Who Can Distribute?

    These products can be used by any of the business owners and every company is entitled to give the same. It is just a way to propagate the message to the public. People who do traditional businesses, online businesses, offline businesses and the list will go on. Any sort of business owner can start giving away the free gift items to improve their business sales. This is treated as a part of marketing strategy and proves to be very efficient in the long run. The products can be given away during business meetings, public gathering, and during the promotional events. It will help in popularizing the brand name. However, it is very important to inscribe the company logo and name on the product. This will help them to remember the name of the company and its associated business.

    Advantages of Giving Away Promotional Products:

    1. They are tangible and it will promote repeat exposure of the brand name to the customers.
    2. It can easily complement other advertising media with less amount of investment.
    3. These products can be used to target audiences from different walks of life.
    4. It will promote the goodwill character and helps in forming a better perception about the company.
    5. It will influence the mind of the people and allow them to recommend the services and products of the company.
    6. The recipient will have or use the promotional item very frequently.
    7. Since these products are mobile, people will usually carry these products to the places they go.
    8. There is a greater probability for the other people to notice the company name and its log.
    9. Hence, these people might act as brand ambassadors at no extra cost.
    10. The advertisers can get a great amount of exposure with little investment.

    Key Research Findings About Promotional Products

    Here are some of the key findings of a recent research work about promotional products.
    • Studies reveal that the volume of the traffic in event booths can be tripled by informing the audiences about the promotional products in the pre-show mailing.
    • It is estimated that the freebie items can enhance the customer response rates by 75%.
    • About 40% of the people were able to recognize the company name and its logo present in the freebie items even after 6 months of receiving them.
    • Sales people those who offered promotional products got 22% more referrals when compared to other sales people those who did not give any.
    • Customers who had received such gift items re-ordered up to 18% and gave more business to the vendors.
    Spread Out Your Marketing Message:

    It is very important for you to make the audiences speak about your services and brand name. Promotional products can play an influencing role in the minds of people and spreads the awareness in the market. These products have the potential to pull the crowd as and when required. The business owners have to concentrate on giving out quality products that will have a better life time. This will further influence the minds of the receivers. The company logo and brand name will be marketed in better ways. This will give a boost in the sales and people will be willing to recommend the services to their friends and family members. Hence, using the promotional products will be the best way to spread out your marketing message.

    Are You Ready?

    Do not worry if you are a small business owner and never mind about the way you carry out your business activities and let it be through online platform or offline platform. You just need to think about smart ways to attract the crowd and educate them about your products. Spreading the awareness and features of your products will give you better Returns on Investment in the long run.

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