Best Programming Language for Mobile App Development

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    Best Programming Language for Mobile App Development

    1. HTML5
    • HTML5 is one of the best programming language if you are looking to build web frontend app devices.
    • When you are developing an app in mobile app development it is combination of 2 languages like javascript and CSS or it can be used in the combination with API.
    • HTML5 apps are quite responsive and smoothly work on all devices across platforms.
    • It has been successfully adoptd by mobile and desktop support and it offers robust cross platform support.
    • HTML5 can be used to develop games with canvas tag and supports both videos & audios. Above all, the biggest advantage of HTML5 is that it consists of easy and clean coding.
    • HTML5 consist of easy and clean coding.
    Easy To Learn ->Support for Mobile -> Responsive Designs -> Drag and Drop Feature

    2. C
    • C is an object oriented general purpose programming language
    • C was choosen by Apple build apps that are robust and scalable.
    • It does not have number of functions that deals with the graphics or the display functions
    • It is integrated with all IOS and MacOS frameworks.
    • But now the C language has been replaced by Swift
    • But C has still maintained it popularity among the developers.
    Simple-To-Use ->use dynamic runtime ->It supports Dynamic Typing -> Work smoothly with Apple

    • Swift is the latest programming language to make their Apple ecosystem .
    • The language was released for IOS its supporting system and and LInux
    • Swift is only available for IOS development currently since it works on LInux an open source.
    Easy to Learn if you -> Open Source -> It Needs Less Coding -> Maintainence is Easy -> Easy To Code
    Are familiar with C as compared to other
    language language

    4. C++
    • This is most appropriate and robust programming language
    • If you are familiar with C language then C++ will be very easy language.
    • C++ has been good for developing apps for Android,Windows and IOS.
    • C++ can be used to develop OS, graphics and designs,game development,app development.
    It is Simple -> Object oriented -> Portable -> Fast and Reliable

    5. C#
    • C# is essentially a multi-paradigm programming language that is object and component oriented.
    • C# is for Microsoft. It is very ideal language when it comes for developing mobile apps for Windows Phones.
    • C# has the potential for the creation of server applications,web services, games to mobile apps.
    It is Simple -> It is Scalable -> Access to .net Framework

    6. Java:
    • Java is one of the most preferred language among android app developers.
    • Java is one of the searched languages on the search engines.Java can be run in two different ways: either in a browser window, or in a virtual machine that can do without a browser.
    • This flexibility tends to mean a lot when it comes to re-using code and updating software
    Object oriented Language -> Runs on All Platforms -> Support API -> It is easy to learn -> Powerful IDE
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