Most popular Java Web Frameworks:

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    Most popular Java Web Frameworks:
    1. Spring
    2. JSF
    3. GWT

    1. Spring:
    Spring is more than just a web framework.
    It is a complete programming model that is built on and with Java, starting with Spring Boot, which is a way to get a spring application up and running with minimal configuration and no application server required.

    There are many use cases for Spring, and with the introduction of Spring Boot, it is a great solution for companies that are moving towards containers as it greatly simplifies the components required to support the running application.

    Getting started with Spring is as simple as going to Spring Initializr and selecting the build framework you desire and any and all the Spring projects you want included in the initial application. It will create the Maven or Gradle configuration and all the basic spring configuration required to start.

    2. JSF (Java Server Faces)
    JSF is a specification for displaying web user interfaces that is defined as part of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (JEE).
    JSF 1 was released in 2004, incorporated into JEE 5 and uses Java Server Pages (.jsp) as its templates. JSF 2 was released in 2009 as part of JEE 6, and leverages Facelets for templating and supports AJAX calls with a browser to allow modern web application lifecycles.
    JSF is component-based, allowing it to be expanded with additional components. IceFaces and MyFaces are examples of popular add-on components.

    3. GWT (Google Web ToolKit)
    GWT is much like JSF in that it is strictly focused on building web interfaces.
    It is more popular than native JSF as it makes it easy to maintain complex JavaScript user interfaces with Java code

    Other Java Web Frameworks:

    Java Frameworks that are not for the web:
    Apache Ant with Ivy
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    The most popular java frameworks are -
    1. Spring Framework
    2. Grails
    3. Blade
    4. Google Web Kit
    5. JavaServer Faces
    6. Play
    7. Struts
    Read the entire blog to know about the most popular java frameworks.

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