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  1. C++ is by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. It was created as an enhancement to the C language. It is a combination of higher and low level programming language. It is a superset of the C language. It is case sensitive and provides support to generic and procedural programming concepts.

    Object oriented programming

    The object oriented approach is supported by C++. There are four main components of object oriented programming as mentioned below:
    • Polymorphism: It is the ability of an object to take more than one form. It is used in object oriented programming to refer to the child class object.
    • Inheritance: It is used when an object of a class is dependent on another class.
    • Encapsulation: It is useful for combining the data and functions. The concept of data hiding is fulfilled using encapsulation
    • Abstraction: The internal details of the program are hidden using the concept of data hiding.
    Library and ANSI standard

    There are some important points that needs to be considered while using the standard library in C++. They are as mentioned below:
    1. There are several functions used for manipulating the string, the files, etc.
    2. The language provides blocks for data types, literals, variables, etc.
    3. The library provides rich set of methods used for modifying the data structures.
    The code created by the user for the Microsoft compiler can be easily used for Mac, Unix, Linux and other operating system compilers. The C++ is easily portable along all the operating systems.

    Uses of C++

    The various used of C++ in the programming world are as listed below:
    1. The operating system contains the native binary code. It is easily generated by the use of C++.
    2. The language is used by programmers in most of the application domain
    3. It is very easy to learn the concepts of object oriented programming using C++
    4. Widely used for device drivers as there is direct manipulation for the hardware
    5. For most of the applications created in Mac or Windows operating system have used C++ as their primary user interfaces.
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