Overview and History of HTML

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    Overview about HTML

    HTML defines Hypertext Markup Language. It is used for writing content in the web pages. The web pages are linked together using hypertext. All the webpage links are known as hypertext. HTML is used for adding the markup to a document using tags which tells the browser to display the data.

    Every HTML tag has an individual meaning associated with it. The tag adds a meaning to the document content. The webpage formatting is possible using the various HTML tags.

    Sample HTML document

    A sample HTML document containing the HTML tags is as mentioned below:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
                <title>The title for document</title>
    • <!DOCTYPE> is used for defining the type of document
    • <html>…</html> describes the HTML document contents
    • <head>…</head> the information about the document is defined
    • <title>….</title> contains the document title
    • <body>…</body> consists of the page content
    • <h1>…</h1> defines the heading for the web page
    • <p>…</p> defines the paragraph
    Tags and page structure

    Tags in HTML are keywords which are added inside the angular brackets. Most of the tags have their respective closing tags. The general description of tag structure is <tagname>content</tagname>. The first tag is the start tag and second is the end tag. The end tag contains a slash preceding the tag.

    The different tags used in an HTML document are as listed below:
    1. <!DOCTYPE> The type of the document and the HTML version is defined
    2. <html> The HTML document is added inside the tag. The tag contains other tags like <head></head> and <body></body>.
    3. <title> It is added inside the <head> tag. Used for defining the title.
    4. <body> The document body containing tags like <h1>, <p>, <div>, etc are defined
    5. <h1> The heading of the document is declared
    6. <p> The paragraph of the document is added
    The page structure of HTML is as shown:


    Different HTML versions

    The version of HTML used in the document is defined by the <!DOCTYPE> declaration tag. The following declaration is used in HTML.
    	<!DOCTYPE html>
    There are various HTML versions used by the users for declaration in web. Some of them are as listed below:
    1. The HTML version was invented in the year 1991
    2. The version HTML 2.0 in the year 1995
    3. The version HTML 3.2 in the year 1997
    4. The HTML version 4.01 in 1999
    5. Version XHTML was created in the year 2000
    6. HTML 5 the latest version came into existence in 2014

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