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    In today's fast and competitive world, we all would like to study higher and getter better degrees for a better career prospect, but the problem comes in when we are professionals. Full-time courses require you to attend classes regulary, which will hamper your professional life.

    The most sought after course today is MBA, and to help out professionals Regis University's College for Professional Studies brought the Online MBA program. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Regis University College for Professional Studies (CPS) is designed for professionals seeking to further their careers and deepen their understanding of the foundations and functions of business and the global business environment. The MBA degree is a 30-credit-hour (10 courses) degree which can be completed in less than two years by taking 10 consecutive sessions of 8-week courses. Alternately, students may take up to six years to complete their studies by taking advantage of the flexible start terms offered by Regis. For more information on the course and how to apply go to Online MBA.

    Specialization in MBA range from Finance to a general one.CPS also offers a range of other graduate/under-graduate degrees in Finance, Computer Information Systems, Human Resources and more. Everyone can find a course of their liking and need at Regis.
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    yea thats good to hear but administration like that isnt my game tho but i like the way its all worded very nice

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