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.NET 2015 an Open Source

Discussion in 'ASP.NET' started by MinalS, Dec 4, 2014.

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    The reason for an open source is the flexibility and extensive use of the .NET development. It is a cross platform development support and an open sourcing. It will help the .NET code to run on Linux and Mac platforms. Microsoft has released the previews of the Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015.

    Open, accessible anywhere and cross platform support

    It provides user with the complete .NET server stack in an open source which contains the .NET compiler, Core Runtime, libraries and framework. It provides user with the cross platform support. With this support, user can build the .NET applications that can execute efficiently on Linux, Mac and Windows platform.

    The .NET Core 5 is the componentized framework which is based on the NuGet. User can navigate the .NET core framework version with the application. The ASP.NET 5 shall be available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The ASP.NET 5 shall include a web server for Mac and Linux known as Kestrel.

    A great experience for developers

    The free edition of Visual Studio known is Visual Studio Community 2013 contains complete extensibility. It is used as an open source by the developers. It supports various extensions. Features like target from desktop to device platform and targeting from web to cloud services.

    Visual Studio and .NET 2015

    The Visual Studio 2015 preview helps the user to develop applications and build them for any device and platform.

    According to Microsoft, .NET Core 5 is an optimized one for ASP.NET 5. It is currently executable on Windows platform and shall be extended for Linux and Mac. User shall have a wide choice for the selection of operating system for using the ASP.NET 5 development and deployment. The Azure shall support the virtual machines in Linux and Windows.

    Let’s explore some of the topics about the .NET 2015 Preview.

    1) .NET Foundation:

    The .NET foundation consisted of several modifications to the .NET system. Many more enhancements are to be added to the foundation. The new additions to be added are .NET Core 5, ASP.NET Ajax library, Kudu, Orchard, NuGet and IdentityManager.

    2) .NET Open Source:

    There are several projects of Microsoft like ASP.NET, NuGet, Entity Framework which are shared as open source. User can add the .NET Core and .Net Framework resource source to it.

    3) .NET Core 5:

    The .NET Core 5 can be considered as the cloud version of the .NET. It includes some of the core features of the framework. The .NET Core consists of three divisions as deployment, open source and cross platform. They can be upgraded and used whenever user wants them. It can be used in cloud providers and Azure. It consists of some modified characteristics that can be used with the new version of .NET framework.

    ASP.NET 5 executes with the .NET Core and .NET Framework. It can be executed on multiple versions of .NET Core 5 on the same machine. There are two important components of .NET Core. It has a runtime created on the database similar to the .NET framework CLR. The runtime has GC and JIT similar to the .NET framework. It does not include the Code Access security and application domain. These are executed through NuGet included in ASP.NET 5 core package.

    The base class libraries are similar to the .NET framework class libraries. They are present in the System.*NuGet packages.

    4) .NET Framework 4.6:

    Several new and innovative features have been added in the latest version of the framework. The improvements made to the WPF are as follows:
    1. It provides user with multiple image cursor files
    2. It contains transparent child windows
    3. It contains several new diagnostics tools
    4. It provides a new interface experience to the user
    5. There is a new tool introduced in the Performance and Diagnostics known as timeline tool
    The high DPI support for .NET framework 4.5.2 provides support to the standard set of controls. In .NET framework 4.6, several controls like ComboBox, ToolStripComboBox, DataGridView, NumericUpDown, DomainUpDown, Cursor, etc are supported.

    User needs to enable the settings in the app.config file for applying this feature.
    	<add key=”EnableWindowsFormsHighDpiAutoResizing” value=”true” />
    5) The RyuJIT compiler

    It is a 64 bit JIT compiler. It can be used for the 64 bit processes. The SIMD .NET library is created with the RyuJIT. The RyuJIT can be used for the optimization of the SIMD types. The CPU can execute much fast for registers as they are the memory on the CPU.

    6) The Task returning methods are supported by the ASP.NET model

    In the .NET framework 4.6, the methods that return tasks are executed effectively without throwing an exception at runtime.

    7) DateTime support to and from the Unix Time

    There are several methods added in the framework for the date time conversion. The datetime offset consists of the following API’s.
    1. Conversion using the static DateTimeOffset From UnixTimeMilliseconds
    2. Conversion using the static DateTimeOffset From UnixTimeSeconds
    3. Conversion of long ToUnixTimeMilliSeconds()
    4. Conversion of long ToUnixTimeSeconds()
    8) .Innovation in .NET language

    The VB and C# languages are useful for coding in .NET. There are many new features that are added to the existing ones. The following features are to be included in the new release.
    1. User can easily bring the static members of the static classes directly in the scope of the class.
    2. The Nameof helps the user to refactor the style of accessing the name
    3. In C#, the new index of a new object can be initialized inside the object initializer
    4. The auto properties does not need setter as it contains the initializer
    5. The string templates that can insert expressions into format strings are defined through the string interpolation
    9) ASP.NET 5

    ASP.NET 5 is used for unifying the MVC, Web pages and API which is known as MVC 6. User can create the ASP.NET 5 apps through the Visual Studio 2015 Preview.

    Some of the characteristics of the ASP.NET 5 are as mentioned below:
    1. It provides the user with a non compiler experience
    2. The ASP.NET 5 applications are executed on the .NET Framework or .NET Core
    3. It can be executed on the IIS or can be used in the self hosting process
    4. It provides a new cloud optimization runtime. It is useful for side by side versioning
    5. It provides a configuration for seamless transition to the cloud
    6. The ASP.NET MVC and Web API can be unified into a single model

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