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    It’s hard to find a small, ultraportable but gorgeous laptop. In these three specifications, you can easily pick Mac Book Air 11 Inch but this year Lenovo started a new competition to this. Lenovo IdeaPad is a simple 12.5 laptop with only 0.7 inch width. So, this will be great to feel such a small laptop with Intel Core i5 processor and 4 GB of RAM. When it’s using the Intel Core i5 or i3 processor so a common question is – Battery Life! This is quite disappointing, only 3 hours of battery life with such powerful PC.

    Why Lenovo IdeaPad U260?


    There are too many users hunting for such laptop similar to Mac Book Air but having a Windows or Linux OS. So, if you’re one of them then Lenovo IdeaPad U260 is the best option for you. This $999 budgeted laptop gives you full ease of speed with Intel core i5 (Core i3 optional) special power saving processor, 4 GB of RAM and too many other attractive features. With its magnesium alloy chassis, orange lid and bottom, and soft leather palm rest, gives you world’s first 12.5 inch ultraportable laptop experience. You can easily move with this 3 pounds laptop from your office to anywhere you wish! ;)


    Lenovo IdeaPad U260 comes with a great design. The lid comes in Clementine orange or Mocha brown, and the design is made from a single piece of magnesium-aluminium alloy that lends the notebook a sense of smooth, minimal professionalism. Measuring just 0.7-inches thin and weighing one-tenth of a pound more than the most recent 2.9-pound Apple MacBook Air, the U260 slips so nicely into bags and backpacks, it's easy to forget the machine is there. So, great for those who needs to move with a laptop into their bag! In the open condition, you will find some LED status icons, which makes this laptop too gorgeous while working. Also, you will find soft, leather-textured palm rest, very useful while typing. The U260's left, right, and front sides, as well as the bezel around the display, are lined in a smart-looking, polished black plastic.

    Now, about the keyboard and other accessories, the U260 have a chicklet type keyboard but its non-backlit. Hence, probably you will feel quite uncomfortable while typing in dark area! Some of the usual keys such as Space, Shift are smaller than the normal size. So, this is another option which may give you some trouble while typing! The glossy touch pad is a good working, also the sliding options are working well. Though it have gesture control feature but not as smart as seen in others! Except this smart keyboard and touchpad, Lenovo IdeaPad U260 comes with a 0.3 MP webcam. Which is not so attractive but simple video conferencing can be made using the camera. There is no card reader slot in the laptop, though it has a small space for keeping the card reader equipment etc. Overall, this small PC has almost all features you need with Bluetooth, WI-Fi except the card reader.

    Problems with Lenovo IdeaPad U260

    There is a quite issue with Heat, but Lenovo’s breathable keyboard and Intel’s advanced cooling technology helped to keep temperatures around the touchpad and keyboard to a respective 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The middle of the base registered a somewhat uncomfortable 95 degrees, but the real hot spot is the back vents just beneath the display hinge, where the temperature reached a sweaty 107.

    There are too many lacks of features such as –

    No inbuilt card reader slots available (even 10-inch Lenovo Netbooks come with SD card compatibility).

    Battery life is only 3 hours (also varies with working measurements) which is similar as a bigger laptops.

    Only two USB 2.0 slots available at the edges of the laptops and no USB 3.0 port into this where max numbers of new laptops are coming with USB 3.0 (Such as Dell XPS 15).

    Non-backlit keyboard may cause some typing problems.


    Complete Specifications

    • CPU - Intel Core i5 470UM (1.33 GHz)
    • Operating System - Windows 7 Home Premium
    • RAM - 4 GB
    • Maximum Expandable RAM - 4 GB
    • Hard Disk - 320 GB @ 5400 rpm
    • Display - 12.5 Inch 16:9 LED-backlit
    • Resolution - 1366x768 Pixels
    • Graphics Card - Intel HD (Memory Shared)
    • Wi-Fi - Yes (802.11 a/b/g/n Atheros AR8151)
    • Bluetooth - Yes (2.1 EDR)
    • Touchpad Size - 3.2x1.7 Inches
    • Ports: Combo Headphone/Mic Jack; Ethernet; HDMI; VGA; miniPCIe; 2 USB 2.0
    • Size - 12.5x8.1x0.7 Inches
    • Weight - 3 Pounds

    Final Suggestions

    Battery life is one of the most important points of each and every laptop, so you must think of the battery life. This small, well designed laptop gives you only 3 hours to use without plugging in the adapter. Hence, you will always have to carry the adapters. Also, lack of card reader may give you some trouble if you are moving with digital cameras or mobiles which have memory cards. Except these two major problems, all things can be too useful. Hence you may get this laptop if you are looking for a small one, except Mac Book Air!
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    Nice review, Lenovo laptops are growing from strength to strength!!..
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    Well, Lenovo laptops fail with companies like Dell and Hp in case of there customer support and spare parts. The major issues faced in them are like on upgrade of OS hardware compatibility issues arise. They are quite demoralizing and over all reduce the company fame.

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