Kindle Or Ipad - Which One is Right For You

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    If you throw an Apple in the Amazon River then who would exist? Silly question right? Both gonna exist. The way they flourish and move ahead would be different. People gonna accept them as they are for their needs. So here I discuss some questions which ultimately lead to a final question "Who is the Winner"?

    Is their Purpose Justified?

    If I talk about Ipad, then product has delivered very well on its promises as an industry leading and powerful digital convergence device. The device encapsulates web, multimedia and informational content. That's why Ipad is able to get the touch of millions of users around the world.

    On the other hand kindle is dedicated e-reader and so it has never distracted from that purpose. Recently, Amazon has purchased a company named Touchco which makes multi-touch technology. Amazon is aspiring for a new kindle which can compete with Ipad. There I doubt about the purpose of kindle.

    Apple is also thinking of making Ipad easy for e-readers. Now the future will decide whether they would be able to stick to their purpose or not. Will they kill themselves out of competition? Let's see..

    Do they perform well?

    Ipad performs very well in comparison to Kindle. pad’s memory and processing power is comparatively very high . I accept the fact that just for reading e-books, electronic newspapers and magazines you don't need high processing power and memory. But Kindle's responsiveness is slow,particularly as it comes down to user interface and screen refresh.

    But as an e-reader ipad is not suitable for daytime reading under the sunlight. So the reason you might choose the Kindle over the iPad is that you can take it out in bright sunshine and be fairly confident that light reflections won't prevent you being able to read what's onscreen. But with kindle one is not able to read in darkness. Backlit LCD is absent..LOL..Both are complement of each other.

    Is Market big enough for them?

    it's not yet clear if the market is big enough for both of them.

    People who want the best digital reading experience, the Kindle is probably their best bet. But those who want only one device and enjoy multiple diversions – reading, Web browsing, movies and games – the iPad is the better fit.

    In order to consolidate its market kindle has also developed software apps specifically for the iPhone, ipad and android phones. Books can be purchased via any device with a modern web browser and you can read those books on any device that supports Kindle software like your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon’s own Kindle hardware. The Kindle and iPad should both be financial successes. But competition between the two will only get fiercer as the market for e-readers and tablet computers heats up.

    In the Long Run Who is the winner?

    I say both of them are winners. Both the companies have different strategies. Apple's main purpose is to drive the sales of its hardware whereas Amazon Kindle hardware and software was created to drive the sale of books.

    When you’re just talking hardware, Apple will continue to sell millions of iPads to people who want books, games, movies, apps and the web and the Kindle will continue to sell in the millions for book lovers. So I don't see Apple completely cannibalizing Amazon's readers or Amazon affecting Ipad's sale.

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