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The Key Advantages Of Choosing React Js For Web Applications

Discussion in 'Programming' started by JasmineEmans, Jun 4, 2018.

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    React js is one of the most popular open source javascript framework developed by Facebook. It is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries used for creating dynamic websites and web applications that are compatible with all type of browsers and platforms.

    Main Advantages:-

    1. An open-source library:- React js is an open source framework that means it uses all advantages of free access – a lot of useful applications and additional tools from off-company developers.

    2. Reusable Components:- React has the ability to reuse code components of a different level anytime, another meaningful time-saving effect.

    3. Virtual DOM:- React Js uses its abstract copy – the Virtual DOM. It updates changes applied by the user but doesn’t affect other parts of the interface.

    4. It is SEO friendly:- Search engines generally have trouble reading Javascript heavy applications but this issue not occur with React, it is helpful for Search engines.

    5. It's Easier to Write With JSX:- ReactJs uses JSX. It’s a syntax extension, which allows mixing HTML with JavaScript. It has a number of side benefits, including helping prevent injection attacks.
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