Introduce a world’s Leading A.I. SQL Rewrite technology for SQL Server

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    It is not just another SQL tuning tool
    There are not many SQL tuning tools for SQL Server database, but most of them are focused on plan visualization or query plan analysis, it is not helpful if you don’t have in-depth SQL tuning knowledge and are not willing to spend extra effort to tune a SQL apart from your daily duties. If you are eager for getting a one-button-solution tool that can tune a SQL statement automatically without the need for your intervention, then Tosska SQL Tuning Expert for SQL Server may be your only choice.

    World’s Leading A.I. SQL Rewrite technology for SQL Server database
    Manually rewriting SQL syntax to tune a SQL statement is commonly adopted by experienced developers and DBAs, but the effort and cost to rewrite a SQL statement is quite expensive. It requires an in-depth SQL tuning knowledge developer to spend hours or even days to rewrite and test a problematic SQL statement, and the tuning result might not be the best among most potential SQL rewrites due to the limitation of manual effort.

    Tosska A.I. SQL Rewrite Engine is the world’s leading machine SQL Rewrite technology for SQL Server database. It not only saves the developer’s time to rewrite a problematic SQL statement to make it faster, but it also explores the potential best SQL syntax that even an experienced developer cannot discover. Moreover, Tosska A.I. rewritten SQL syntax can work with our Hints-injection algorithm to further explore more potential query plans that even most experienced developers cannot achieve.
    10 times faster SQL Injection is generated on the right-hand side

    Probably the World’s First A.I. SQL Tuning Tool for SET ROWCOUNT N
    Set Rowcount N causes SQL Server to stop processing the query after the specified N rows are returned. There are not many people who know that the SQL’s query plan may be affected by this setting, some SQLs’ performance may be degraded due to the SQL Server tries to optimize the SQL for the first N rows, but resulted in an even worse query plan. It is difficult for developers to tune this kind of problem without a good tool. Tosska SQL Tuning Expert for SQL Server is the first tool that can solve this problem automatically with our A.I. engine.

    Powerful Cold Cache SQL Tuning for Infrequent Executed SQL Statements
    For SQL statements that are not executed frequently, so that the relevant data is no longer exists in the buffer cache, a cold cache will significantly affect the performance of a SQL statement. A good performance SQL for hot cache may not be performing well in a cold cache environment. Experience developers will tune their SQL running well for both scenarios. Tosska SQL Tuning Expert for SQL Server provides a handy function for users to benchmark SQL alternatives in both environments without complicated manual operations.

    Best solution without trial and error
    With Tosska SQL Tuning Expert for SQL Server, you no longer need to rewrite or try every possible Hints combination manually for a problematic SQL statement to explore potential better performance execution plans, since all those hard tasks are released by our embedded AI engine. Our intelligent engine will help you to find every possible rewrite and Hints combination to improve your SQL speed without the need for your intervention. You just sit back, relax, and wait for the best SQL alternative to come up on your screen.
    Best alternative found after automatic SQL tuning

    You can download it here:
    Tosska SQL Tuning Expert for SQL Server® (TSES™) - Free Download - Tosska Technologies Limited

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