Introduce a world’s Leading A.I. SQL Rewrite technology for MySQL database

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    World’s Leading A.I. SQL Rewrite technology for MySQL database

    Manually rewriting SQL syntax to tune a SQL statement is commonly adopted by experienced developers and DBAs, but the effort and cost to rewrite a SQL statement is quite expanse. It requires an in-depth SQL tuning knowledge developer to spend hours or even days to rewrite and test a problematic SQL statement, and the tuning result might not be the best among most of potential SQL rewrites due the limitation of manual effort.

    Tosska A.I. SQL Rewrite Engine is the world’s leading machine SQL Rewrite technology for MySQL database. It not only saves developer’s time to rewrite a problematic SQL statement to make it faster, but it also explores the potential best SQL syntax that even an experienced developer cannot discover. Moreover, Tosska A.I. rewritten SQL syntax can work with our Hints-injection algorithm to further explore more potential query plans that even most experienced developers cannot achieve.

    Here the following is an example how the product rewrite a SQL. Original SQL syntax on left hand side and the rewritten SQL on right hand side. The performance is significant improved.


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