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    Google provides 2 different types of databases.

    a) Relational

    b) NoSQL/ NonRelational

    A) Relational: In this google have 2 different products

    1) Cloud SQL

    2) Cloud Spanner

    Common uses of this relational database are like below

    1) Compatibility

    2) Transactions

    3) Complex queries

    4) Joins

    B) NoSQL/ NonRelational:- In this google provide 4 different types of product or databases

    a) Cloud BigTable

    b) Cloud Firestore

    c) Firebase Realtime database

    d) Cloud Memorystore

    Common uses cases for this is like below

    1) TimeSeries data

    2) Streaming

    3) Mobile

    4) IoT

    5) Offline sync

    6) Caching

    7) Low latency

    Google relational Databases

    A) Cloud SQL :

    It is Google fully managed service that makes easy to setup MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL server databases in the cloud. Cloud SQL is a fully-managed database service that makes easy to maintain, Manage and administer database servers on the cloud. Cloud SQL offers high performance, high availability, scalability, and convenience. Cloud SQL takes care of managing database tasks that means you only need to focus on developing an application.

    Google manage your database so we can focus on our development task. Cloud SQL is perfect for a wide variety of applications like geo-hospital applications, CRM tasks, an eCommerce application, and WordPress sites also.

    Features of Cloud SQL:

    1) Focus on our application: managing database is taken care of by google so we can focus on only application development.

    2) Simple and fully managed: it is easy to use and it automates all backups, replication, and patches and updates are having 99.955 of availability anywhere in the world. The main feature of Cloud SQL is automatic failover provides isolation from many types of infrastructure hardware and software. It automatically increases our storage capacity if our database grows.

    3) Performance and scalability: it provides high performance and scalability up to 30 TB of storage capacity and 60,000 IOPS and 416Gb of ram per instance. Having 0 downtimes.

    4) Reliability and Security: As it is google so security issue is automatically resolved but the data is automatically encrypted and Cloud SQL is SSAE 16, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS v3.0 compliant and supports HIPAA compliance so you can store patient data also in Cloud SQL.
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