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    Searching Google for some Free PHP Scripts for myself I just stumbled upon which I found very useful for myself. They have many free to download PHP Scripts and the scripts are really simple to understand and even customize them. I also found the tag line worth mentioning
    Searching for PHP scripts? Download original free PHP scripts from! You will also find links to PHP resources, a list of PHP books, free tutorials, ... Well, you never know what you'll find here!​
    Interesting !!!

    Author have really met the expectation of the tag line and the most popular of all PHP Scripts is GBook ( guestbook ) but there are others as well which are quite popular like CCount ( click counter ), LinkMan ( reciprocal links manager ), Hesk ( Help desk software ) and MBoard ( message board ) scripts. Before downloading the scripts you can also see the demo of the scripts which helped me a lot to get the idea of how the script looks and functions as well as the quality of HTML. I needed table less design which I can see easily with the demo using the HTML source.

    Though all the scripts are free to download and use but they have powered by links in the footer, this is perfectly fine for me and they also have the option to remove "powered by" notices for nominal one time fee.

    Apart from good resources and scripts PHPJunkyard has several articles and links to resources, like php hosting, php books and others. The only thing I did not like is support forum is behind a global username and password to combat spam but I expect it to be a bit more professional.

    Apart from this post I would also try to contact the Author and see if we can donate something to PHPJunkyard from our Support Open Source campaign.

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