Disable Unneeded Background Apps.

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    Some common places background applications initiate are:

    autoexec.bat and config.sys in the root directory C:\

    load= and run= in Win.ini in the C:\Windows folder

    [386Enh] section of System.ini also in C:\Windows

    [boot] section of System.ini, look for lines with an .exe and path at the bottom of the section.

    Background apps that often cause problems include the "toys" that come with your video, sound, and/or modem card. Do a minimum install. Often you have to choose Custom to choose "drivers only".

    Background applications may also run from the following:
    C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

    Registry keys:
    Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, RunServices, or RunOnce

    and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\

    Also, open up system.ini and check under the [boot] section. Look for a line that reads

    If it doesn't say shell=Explorer.exe change it to such.

    To disable a line in autoexec.bat or config.sys use the edit command in DOS or sysedit in Start | Run and put a rem with a space after it in front of the line. To disable a line in win.ini or system.ini put a ;;; in front of the line.

    To remove a key from the registry launch regedit, navigate to Run, RunServices, or RunOnce and right click on the key and choose delete.

    To TEMPORARILY DISABLE Background Processes from starting up in Windows98 there is a System Configuration Utility which is run by typing msconfig in the Start | Run line and hitting OK. Choose the StartUp tab and from there you can uncheck individual programs. {Startup Cop} and {StartUp Control Panel} are also startup managers that work in both Win 95 and 98.

    HOWEVER, it's always best to first try to disable any background app that you _do_ use by using its own configuration and/or preferences utility and untick lines that say "launch on startup", "run in taskbar", or similar jargon. Check out Add/Remove tho and UNINSTALL any program you are not using or need. For example, this is the best way to get rid of nasties like Comet Cursor.

    Many new high end sound and video cards add by default lots of drivers and background apps you may not use or even want. Check Add/Remove Programs and uninstall any special sound or video application you are not using. This may remove hundreds of registry entries and .dll files from running on bootup. Be sure you own the drivers disk or know how to get the programs back in the future if so required.

    After you are done uninstalling run {Easy Cleaner} or other registry cleaner to remove bad registry keys if you are using win95/98.

    Unrequired network protocols and services very often add 20 to 60 seconds to bootup time as the software is trying to connect to a network that doesn't exist or use a protocol that isn't required by the host or guest. Use Control Panel | Networks to remove any protocol or service you don't need.

    {Ad-Aware} is a program that finds and allows you to remove Spyware from your PC. Spyware often doesn't load up in the standard areas but is often hidden in other parts of the registry. Keep in mind that some programs require the spyware components to run or the program will not work, KaZaa is a good example.

    Before you use a program such as {Ad-Aware} however, use Control Panel | Add/Remove to uninstall any instances of spyware you see there. In fact, you might want to first run a spyware detector just to see what it detects first, then use Add/Remove, then use the spyware detector to finish the job.

    It's also a good idea to go to Control Panel | Printers and remove any printers you no longer use.

    more later....
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    Again ver very thanks for this wonderful article.
    hian i have created application that will check all the startup application and there is option of deleting them also.
    i am just doing the Stress testing for that application when it completed i will post it on my website it source.

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