Deploying an ASP.NET Project

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  1. The local deployment is the one in which the complete application is present inside the virtual directory, and the contents and assemblies are present in the application. The global deployment consists of assemblies which can be used by the applications executing on the server.

    XCOPY Deployment

    XCOPY deployment is used as a file transfer protocol. The FTP protocol is used for transferring the files from one location to another. No registry entries are needed by the user. It is the simplest way to deploy the applications.

    Benefits of XCOPY deployment
    1. They are self described and hence do not need any dependency
    2. No registry entries are needed
    3. The DLL copy is possible without the server modification
    Drawbacks of XCOPY deployment
    1. The deployment is a slow process
    2. Used for small and easy projects
    3. To locate the assemblies is difficult as the location is not registered

    Copying a website

    The Visual Studio provides user with the option to copy the source file. The file is located at the remote server. The destinations can be local IIS website, FTP or remote website. The source file is compiled for the user of deployment. The files extensions as ASPX, HTML, image files can be used.

    The following steps are preformed for the deployment of the web application.
    1. Open the Visual Studio application in your system
    2. Open the Website - > Copy Web site option from the list
    3. Once the option is selected, the user can connect to the target destination using one of the following copy modes:
      • Overwrite the existing files
      • Synchronize the source and target files
      • Copy from source to target
    Limitations of copy a website
    1. The page load is slow in speed
    2. The source code is passed by the user
    3. No pre – compilation or error checking is done over the files

    Creating a setup project

    The Visual Studio application is used for the project deployments. The Windows Installer is used for packing the web applications.
    1. In the Visual Studio application, click on the open website option
    2. Select the application folder in the solution explorer
    3. Click on the Build Website option
    4. Click File option, select New Project option.

    5. From the project mode types, select Setup and Deployment

    6. In the Studio template, select Setup Project
    7. Add the web site project name, add the location in the combo box.
    8. Right click, select Add , Project Output option

    9. The Add Project Output Group dialog box is shown.
    10. From the options, select Contents File, click OK
    11. Right click the project file, select Build. In the Debug folder, the folder is created. The project is installed by clicking the setup file.
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