How to Delete GMail Emails Instead of Archiving on iPhone Mail

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    GMail App on iOS is quite slow and it is the only reason I prefer Mail app over GMail app. Once I started using iPhone Mail I saw that when I am trying to edit emails, I only have option to Archive them.

    So when I searched in Google I had to try and test some of the options to get the delete feature enabled on my iPhone Mail for GMail. I have compiled everything at one place for anybody who is looking to get delete GMail Emails Instead of Archiving them from their iPhone Mail.

    First thing first. Have the right IMAP settings in your GMail account. Auto-Expunge on will not allow you to select the option to Move Emails to the Trash and so you have to opt for Auto-Expunge off and then select Move the messages to the Trash.


    Now add your GMail account into your iPhone's Mail Settings by Visiting Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Add the GMail Imap account. Remember if you have 2 step verification enabled, you need to generate application specific password for your iPhone Mail. Detail instruction on How to add GMail to iPhone Mail is here.

    Once you add a GMail account and click on edit button, this is what you would normally see.


    Only option is to archive email and no option to Delete them.

    Now open Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > GMail account you wish to edit and switch off the Archive Option for it.


    Now if you click on edit button in Mail you will have the option to delete the mails.


    As you delete the emails, they are actually trashed in GMail.

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