Compressing And Securing Web Code

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    There are now several code obfuscation tools which will not really comprehensively "obscure" source code but somehow retrievably "crunch" it. This is not ideal but it is worthwhile nonetheless as it makes source sifting slow and painful for script kiddies/crackers. There are white space removers, JS code encryptors, some "code crushers", but very few that are carefully tested and will working with html, css, and other more complex code like server side technologies and Javascript. Anyway, some of the tools I have tried with varying success (recommended tools are marked in red, and I’ll update this list if I come across more) are listed below —

    JavaScript Scrambler []

    Light-weight white-space remover.

    W3Compiler []

    Something to keep an eye out for. Standard-aware, safe tool for code optimization that does selective compression/obfuscation.

    JavaScript Crunchinator []

    Removes whitespace and comments from JavaScript files and combines literal strings. From BrainJar’s Mike Hall.

    ESC (ECMAScript Cruncher) []

    This free Windows program is an ECMAScript pre-processor written in JScript. In addition to removing whitespace and comments from JavaScript, it can optionally rename variables in JavaScript. For IE5.5+ Win. From Saltstorm.

    JSCruncher []

    Based on BrainJar’s specifications, this free Windows application packs CSS and JavaScript files. Requires semicolons. From the DOMAPI project by Darin Kadrioski.

    SpaceAgent []

    This powerful Windows/Mac web site optimizer optimizes (X)HTML, XML, JavaScript, GIFs, and JPEGs. Server version also available. From Insider Software, Inc.

    VSE HTML Turbo []

    Like SpaceAgent, this Mac application optimizes (X)HTML, JavaScript, GIFs, and JPEGs. From VSE Online.

    Blue Clam []

    A Java-based JavaScript obfuscator from Solmar Solutions. Supports recursive directory tree parsing, a user-defined keyword dictionary, variable length obfuscated keyword support, extended file types (such as .js, .jsp, and .asp) and a graphical environment.

    ECMAScript Formatter []

    Semantic Designs offers industrial strength source code obfuscation and optimization tools for JavaScript and other languages. The ECMAScript formatter can either format JavaScript applications into readable form, or it can conversely protect the source code against reverse engineering by removing structure, comments, and scrambling identifier names. For Windows.

    JMyth []

    Encrypts javascript source-code. Allows for enmasse encryption, multiple files at the same time.

    Quek []

    A browser-based surf/animate/chat application written in JavaScript from Q42, which employs home-grown obfuscator (interestingly coded). By Lon Boonen.

    Dithered JavaScript Compression []

    Chris Nott’s self-extracting archive creation tool.

    Extended ASCII JavaScript Packer []

    Substitutes single byte-token extended ASCII characters for longer strings for efficient packing of JavaScripts. By Chris Johnson.

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