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    If you are still using outdated POS technology, it's time to get a new solution, which will increase your productivity & sales also decreasing manageabilty. One of the best POS software vendors is Canadian Retail Soltuons.

    Choosing the right POS solution for your business is a difficult decision to make. Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) provides comprehensive retail management support for businesses in a wide variety of industries and merchandise categories. CRS's POS software, includes POS, Customer Relations Functions, Inventory Control Functions, and some special features like Employee Commision Tracking, Accounting Linking, and much more.

    CRS has partnered with Tender Retail and Moneris, which integrates into Retail Pro to make payment processing a breeze. Some of the benefits of this include, Debit/Credit card transactions in mere seconds, card receipts from the same printer as the invoice/bill, eliminates double-entry errors which save valuable troubleshooting time.

    You'll surely benefit from Retail Pro's amazing reports system, which will provide you with journal reports document by document, groups of similar reports running simultaneously, customize layouts, sorting, filters, field names and many more.

    The POS Software offered by CRS are flexible and can adapt to the retail practices of most of the businesses. However, there might be cases that some retailers occasionally have special requirements for custom programming.The CRS Custom Programming Division works closely with clients to create custom retail software solutions to enhance the POS systems of any business.CRS has developed many custom modules and plug-ins to meet the needs of our clients, like Customer Loyalty module, Foreign Currency module, Suggestive Sales module.

    Visit, for more information and contacting CRS for implementing their POS Software solution in your business.

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