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Can i use my External hardrive as a OS

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Rise, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Rise

    Rise New Member

    I have a realy bad computer 4gb hardrive with a ancient motherboard dont care what it is dont even want to look! It has 256gb ram :embarasse a 1.6ghz single core proscessor :crazy: man this computer sucks, but anyway even with the most basic information on this computer it limits me just having it. I cant add any programs i cant do anything:

    I want to know is their anyway that you can use a external hardrive as a operating system instead of using a IDE hardrive or any internal hardrive and use my external hardvie via USB with all uploaded files from my 4gb IDE drive copyed to my external hardvie instead?

    So to simplify can i use a external hardrive as the only hardrive
  2. techgeek.in

    techgeek.in New Member

    No, u cnt.. u need a configuration which can boot from external storage device like external hard disk and pen drive...
  3. Rise

    Rise New Member

    So what your tellming is it wont feed off usb directly it needs to have a IDE OR SATA attacted to it. But isnt their something you can buy that converts a external drive from USB to SATA? If so would that be sufficent enough to use the external drive to be a primary OS
  4. Rise

    Rise New Member

    isnt their a convertor that converts a usb to a pin drive as indicated on my forum from my last thread
  5. venami

    venami New Member

    All you need is a bootable hard drive or pen drive. Configure your external hard deive/pen drive using a pen drive bootable OS and then you can use like what you had asked.

    Wow! You have a system with 256GB RAM? :)
  6. Rise

    Rise New Member

    Wow! You have a system with 256GB RAM? :)[/quote]

    I ment 256kb lol.... sorry typo lol....
  7. techgeek.in

    techgeek.in New Member

    256 KB wow!!!!
  8. techgeek.in

    techgeek.in New Member

    do u have any problem in mentioning "MB" ?
  9. mayjune

    mayjune New Member

    :p lolz
  10. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    @Rise: Nice question.

    First answer me what OS do you have currently.
    And what all things you need to install and run from the external drive.

    I have an option but that will use the systems resources only, except the hard drive which is what you require.
  11. Rise

    Rise New Member

    I have windows xp home edition, i am going to get a new computer within the next month when i get enough income but untill then i would like to jumpstart my buisness get a few programs ready, get myeself prepared and organized, programs ill use is stuff like, usps, excel, java scripting and a bunch of other programs, that im going to need but i would like to use the mass storage that my 500 gb external hardrive can use not my 4 gb ide hardrive
  12. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    That's good.

    You also have the option of using Portable Apps but it wont apply to each software that you want to use.

    You also have the option of using virtualization softwares like MVPC or VMware but they eat huge resources.

    The best option that I suggest (and I also use it personally) is using Mojopac.
    Check the video on the site http://www.mojopac.com/
    Check the requirements on the download page and give it a try.

    Only one thing I didn't like about the free edition is that you cannot work on files shared anywhere else on the drive (except in the same folder tree) and not even on your desktop fixed drives.

    Try it and I'm sure you would love it.

    Post your comments after using it :)
  13. Rise

    Rise New Member

    MEGA MEGA MEGA BYTE LOL,.. ii know i was realy tired yesterday lol
  14. zenaire

    zenaire New Member

    Really thanks guys...Me too have an external one and now trying some portable apps...And they are working fine..but not all advantages I am getting but still 'am trying..
  15. uninorinfo

    uninorinfo New Member

    Yes it can be done and it is easy:
    1.) Make sure you have at least 40GB HDD with no partition.
    2.) Required OS is to be installed on it.
    3.) Reboot your PC and enter the boot menu and choose to boot from the external drive.
    4.) Make sure there is no previous windows on your PC, if it is already:
    - First, install the windows on HDD and re run the windows installation and format your PC
    - Note/Caution = Donot reinstall the windows on your PC's HDD.
    4.) Then your PC will be booted from your HDD and there you go, you are done with an external OS.

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