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Facebook banned in pakistaan

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by unni krishnan.r, May 28, 2010.

  1. unni krishnan.r

    unni krishnan.r New Member

    Its because of conducting a cartoon competition against allah.This made them to baan facebook
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Yes I am not aware of the exact thing but I think religions should be kept away from such things no matter what.
  3. senaratne

    senaratne New Member

    Frankly, I would not agree with the decision to ban. Maybe, the authorities had their own reasons.
  4. crut$y

    crut$y New Member

    Pakistan they are muslim and i am Agree with decision for these ban :)

    thank you for news!
  5. senaratne

    senaratne New Member

    Yes. I agree, no one should hurt the religious feelings and sensibilities of any other one.
    Yes, I say, one should learn to tolerate the opposing viewpoint as well.
  6. Mannu

    Mannu Banned

    Yes i am also agree,religious feelings should not be there.
  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Renowned Painter M.F hussain made naked pictures of hindu goddesses many years ago.he is still not banned in india.
  8. jhon11

    jhon11 New Member

    I'm also agree.Religion is vital than any other issue.
  9. Warhammer

    Warhammer New Member

    I agree, too.
    Once you go into a place, no matter in the real world or the virtual one, knowing religion there is important.
  10. trinsleynewton

    trinsleynewton New Member

    when is it going to be banned?
  11. sushilrai

    sushilrai New Member

    thanks for your news updates.......
  12. jaydeee

    jaydeee New Member

    This is a sad news.
    It is true that facebook may have bad effects but it also has good things to bring. :)
  13. ProClerk

    ProClerk New Member

    I agree! good decision.
    there is no right to make some fun with any religion!
  14. Alex.Gabriel

    Alex.Gabriel New Member

    I am curious how many peoples from those who have decided to block facebook have accounts on it. A website can be blocked for the majority and visible to few peoples. something like wikileaks :)
  15. Apoorva

    Apoorva New Member

    I am agree with Mannu, but it can't be banned. I mean there are other options to take action. Banning a social networking site is not the real solution.
  16. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    Muslim countries are quite orthodox when it comes to there religion and moreover it is not good to make fun of any religion and beliefs.
  17. mickle_john

    mickle_john New Member

    Yes i know its because the insult of God..
    Muslims cant bear it..That's why Facebook banned in Pakistan.
  18. Apoorva

    Apoorva New Member

    Not a single person can bear it, if it comes about the religion and beliefs.
  19. symond

    symond New Member

    yes it was banned in Pakistan but there is no problemanymore now if it the sites are blocked in some specific regions.Because there are so many vpn providers are now available.
  20. phantom0511

    phantom0511 New Member

    I agree with this decision too :)

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