Zombie MMORPG team recruitment

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My name is Alex and I am one of the hardcore MMORPG gamers, Everyone is looking for a Zombie Wow (MMORPG ZOMBIE ), and i want to give them this. It will take dedication and patience, but it will pay off. I am in need of more people for my team.

As payment you will get a partial of the pay the group as a whole earns, you will get unlimited and the most premium gameplay from the game i can offer.

I am not sure wether it should be free or not. I am not quite sure wether it will be First person shooter or 3rd person view, but i am confident in First person shooter. These are things the team will work out together.

I have a storyline laid out and ready for creation, I have a trick to getting beta testers and Donaters which i will reveal to the team when it is completed.

Imagine yourself through the woods trying to find the nearest protection camp, a swarm of zombies are following close behind you when you call for backup, a fireteam arrives in a Jeep gunning down and running over the zombies, all appears safe. When you have finaly had the chance to redeem your mind a missile hits the jeep killing everyone near and in the vehicle. G.E.F.'s (Goverment Establishing Force.) yell in the forest as they gun the remains of your team down. Zombies are attracted by the commotions and swarm the area picking off and infecting the G.E.F.'s who werent paying attention. The remains of your team and the G.E.F.'s combine forces and barricade themselves in a cave firing at anything that enters. After twenty minutes (In game time) of Close quarters combat and gunshots, the threat ceases. You are safe. Finaly. Click, the man next to you cocks back his gun aiming it at your head, you find you are the only one left from your team, and how cold this world really is. " Nothing personal" says the armored soldier as he pulls the trigger, your mind draws to a blank. You are dead.

There is so much much much more to show off so many classes and Ideas i have came up with, quests, cities/colonies, Trading system, I have it all it just need to be worked with.

My email is Fortation@ gmail.com please reply here or send me a email if your the slightest bit interested, or if you would like to make a proposition.
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Please do not create the threads in all possible forum and I have deleted all your other threads and moved this one to the Jobs forum
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I apologize
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Hello I have sent you an email and would be glad to help with your game