Why we should use xml?

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We should use XML in the following scenarios:
  •  When we want to exchange data with an existing application that uses the new flavor of XML.
  •  If you store the data in XML you open the possibilities the future integration because any third party application will be designed to read this data in future.
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So what is your question?
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Here are a few reasons for using XML (in no particular order). Not all of these will apply to your own requirements, and you may have additional reasons not mentioned here....

XML can be used to describe and identify information accurately and unambiguously, in a way that computers can be programmed to ‘understand’ your information (well, at least manipulate as if they could understand it).

XML provides a robust and durable format for information storage and transmission. Robust because it is based on a proven standard, and can thus be tested and verified; durable (persistent) because it uses plain-text file formats which will outlast proprietary binary ones.

XML information can be manipulated programmatically (under machine control), so XML documents can be pieced together from disparate sources, or taken apart and re-used in different ways. They can be converted into any other format with no loss of information.

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XML is a markup language(Extensible Markup Language).XML provides a designer with a way to separate data from the format.
There are many reasons to use XML,like:
-It’s simplicity
-Multiple Applications – one data page can be used over and over again.
-Standardization – XML is an international standard means that anyone in the world is likely to have the ability to view your document