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Xbox Live Account Hackes, Help please

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by MEET MY SLUG2, Mar 7, 2010.


    MEET MY SLUG2 Banned

    Guys, im very new to this place and Im in need of urgent help! Today, I woke up and got on my xbox, and tried to log on to my xbox live account, and then a message popped up saying "Your XBOX LIVE account has been moved over to another Xbox" something like that. I freaked. I called microsoft, and I told them everything, they said log in to my Windows Live email. I tried and all that information was changed as well. They said my account might have been hacked, so after a bit of talking, there wasn't any much luck. My gamertag was MEET MY SLUG2 and still is. I don't know if he's changed my windows live yet, but I really need help. This is no joke, im not trying to hack my own account, please someone help. I'm afraid he's going to spend over like $800 buying microsoft points.
  2. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

    contact windows live and give them the info you used to sign up with the account.
    most sites you can do this automatically as there is a "forgot your password?" link on most logins.

    you will have to have either used legitimate info that you can remember or have written it down.
    they can reset your password at this point.

    MEET MY SLUG2 Banned

    I contacted Microsoft again, they said they've found my account, but cant get it back for another 3-5 days. My windows live, the email for my account some how has been changed. I really don't know how, I typed it in and did the little verification code, and it said that the email did not exist. Thanks for help anyways though Tod, if I may call you that.
  4. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

    Todd is fine (dd)

    the reason your email address is changed is because the hacker changed it.
    the reason you were hacked is because you have poor security habits.

    nobody forced their way in, you opened the door. you just don't realize it.

    MEET MY SLUG2 Banned

    Well this laptop I'm using is new, so I havn't really had a chance to put a security system on it. I guess I did open my door to hackers. I'm trying to find a good security system for a right price. :p But still thanks for help Todd. (I added the extra "d" that time).
  6. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

    I have an old desktop with minimal security, and no virus scanner.
    the weakest link in security is the user, always remember that.

    you may have typed your password somewhere you should not have, (phishing page or scam site) or downloaded something you should not have, or signed into your account on someone elses computer, or left your own computer unattended or... (the list goes on)

    rarely does someone truly hack their way in. mostly attacks are social engineering tricks.
    and since you do not have million dollar info on your system (or do you?) hackers are not interested in forcing their way in. therefore they are going to trick you into revealing your credential instead, in one way or another. via trojan, scam or phishing page.

    the security system... is you!

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