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may be someone FREEZE..
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Hi. i just got my account hacked while i was playing cod4 and talking to my friends. I tried to sign in and it said membership wasnt valid. I looked and my email wasnt in microsoft's database. It said that my gamertag was recovered on another profile but he hadnt signed in yet. I told microsoft and they said "too bad" (in a nicer way of course). Is there anything i can do to get it back?
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Sadly I too have been hacked and it was on the wonderful evening of Friday March 13th and 6 pm I'm sure the person who did it has the Gamertag The Nub Slayer, my gamertag is SnaaackPack and it still is along with the email that wasn't changed which is Kenshinizraw@hotmail.com

unfourtunately the hacker did change the password and actually managed to figure out my secret answer and changed that too

If there is anyone who can help please message me on the gamertag Fear Chance or msn at Microboxer@hotmail.com

I'm actually incredibly fond of my account and don't even have an account worth hacking which is why I don't know why someone would hack it...the gamer score is 17465

the guy actually got on my account today and I managed to join his party while he was trying to sell my account and I even asked for it back and he said there is no way you are getting your account back
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hi im knight i know how you feel i got hacked to i was just wondering if someone could help me it is my account i had it since xbox live came out so if you could help me i would be so grateful i cant sign in the email is kingdomofhearts1232@hotmail.com it got hacked my pass word is switched pLZ help me!!
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hey first post but bad news mine account been hacke they actually not jsut changed the password they deleted the e-mail all together :@ ive sent a e-mail to xbox there gamertag was NOW dizza or sumink like that

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My account just got hacked before. My XBL account Drow Renegade. I made another account and I msgd my account after I was unable to login and he sent me a voice msg back laughing at me and telling me I could never get my account back. If anyone knows a way to get an account back please send me an email on guy_vanacker@hotmail.com
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hi i have recently suffered a similar problem and i am wondering how you were able to find out your hackers hotmail address as i would like to do the same.

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my xbox live account also was hacked. Microsoft of course does not help. the frst time i called they hung up because i mentioned HACKED. I have never ever gave out any information to anybody. this guy must be a good hacker. but he has changed only my assword of my email. not the actual account. I had left for a week of camping to come back to see my account was gone. i tried to recover but nothing so if anyone could help it would be great. p.s. its a year payed account.
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My account has been Recently hacked I called xbox and they just locked my account, I was using a Hotmail account my password and secret question has been changed any help on how to get my email and or account back.
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my mate's mate's xbox acc been hacked help plz