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My xbox live account hacked

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by AnGeIBeLoW, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. samlake

    samlake New Member

    This is Toddie
    I am logged into your account right now.

    you just posted your password.
    I wonder how you were hacked last time?
  2. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

  3. samlake

    samlake New Member

    i cant recover my gamertag can u tell me it my pass i meen
  4. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

    call microsoft.
  5. samlake

    samlake New Member

    why wont u tell me what have i done to you give
    y account back
  6. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

    I would tell you if i knew.
    the only people that can help you now are microsoft.
  7. IceNaraku

    IceNaraku New Member

    i would also love some help. My account IceNaraku2k10 was hacked yesterday and from what i've read you guys know what you are doing. Microsoft couldn't help me much..
  8. IceNaraku

    IceNaraku New Member

    can anybody help me out?
  9. Arguntom

    Arguntom New Member

    Ok guys I cant help u from not getting hacked but this will help u if you are eve rhacked. If you go to your preferences and make a 4 digit pass then most hackers will be stopped in their tracks (unless they just so happen to have a hack to remove it). I know it could get annoying after a while typing in that stupid pass but its worth it because they cant log on to your account if they dont know it, and you can just recover it back and change the pass. Sorry again for not having the right type of skills to hack your accounts back but at least this will give u peace of mind.
  10. Arguntom

    Arguntom New Member

    Oh yea I also am the victom of an account hack my 2year old account Arguntom was hacked and later abandoned and microsoft just like u guys did absolutely nothing to help me. I am not asking for assistance becasue I have worked hard and earned everything i lost back.
  11. Caboose797

    Caboose797 New Member

    My account was hacked about two hours ago from now! The password for my Windows Live ID was changed. Even with that specification, there are endless possibilities regarding to the status of my account! I'm waiting until customer service becomes available so I may call them. I have my credit card information so I can prove my ownership. Would Microsoft reveal the Windows Live ID enlisted to the account? Could they even delete the credit cards from the account? I'll post back with an update from what happened from the phone call. Until then, is there anything I can possibily do with the information present? Is there anything any of you guys can do for me? If you can, I'll give you all the information I can offer (especially after the phone call). My gamertag is four years old, four years of games, add-ons, and other content that I've bought (along with a 25,000+ gamerscore, but that's not important). If there's anything any of you can do, I would owe you four years of my life. Please, help me if you can. I need a saint.
  12. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    I will suggest to block the card and then experiment on other things.
  13. iTzz Da Master

    iTzz Da Master New Member

    i think this is awful ok this happened to me 3 weeks ago i lost 43 games worth of time and 1230GamerScore i called Microsoft heres what they did i talked connected me to there supiriors who asked 4 my info who in term said "we must now connect you to my suppior thay will help" OK so i talked to them gave them my info thay said thay would gget my account back in 1 week its been 3 microsoft help.I think they should keep a list of email gamertag password everything and keep track of changes so if you get hacked you can tell them your email they will go into your account and change it to an alternite email c`mon i think this is good and im 13 plz tell me if there is anything wrong with this plan or tell me if you think this is wat they should do.MICROSOFT DOESNT DO JACK SHIT!
  14. HELPneededNOW

    HELPneededNOW New Member

    :(My xbox live account has been hacked:(

    Basically i was online and a guy was reall friendly. So he added me as a mate. We played for abot an hour but he wasnt playing just speaking tome. Then he said that he was going to be offline for a bit. So i wen offline when he did. 10mins later went to go back online and all i got was. This gamertag has been recovered somewhere else. To use it again copy or recover it to this xbox. I went to recover it and my password was incorrect. So i went on to msn on my computer to ask a mate what to do but that was rong to. So i asumed i had been hacked. So i went onto the forgot my password satage and aparently my secret quetion was wrong.

    Anyone who can help me get my i would be grateful so much. My account was hacked today t 22:13. I think i know the gamertag of the person who hacked me. Its summin like not exactly like: S2K I MaGiKz I

    If yu can get it back i would be so grateful
    My gamertag , or the account that he hacked was under the tag : astav0014
    Any help you cn give would be great. I cant ring xboxlive support a they are closed.

    So to clear it up. My xbox live account(astav0014) has been hacked by a loser under the tag of summin like not exactly like but summin like (S2K I MaGiKz I). Any one that can hlp but needs me to do summin please say ad ask me. I really want it back.
  15. Undying Gotunks

    Undying Gotunks New Member

    I don't know if you guys still are willing to help people like me. I really would appreciate it if you could help me recover my gamertag. My Undying Gotunks account got hacked last night through some one offering free microsoft points. Evidentally grabbed my account changed my information and now are probably abusing it for microsoft points and they tried to get my friends to do so as well. So is there anyone here who would be willing to hack their way back to my account. Like i don't know much, but they just totally grasp my account from my nose as I was playing last night. :(
  16. Undying Gotunks

    Undying Gotunks New Member

    Like they changed everything and I really need a savior right now. Anyone wants to help me out please. I beg of you.. :( I have all the information you need if you can help me out right now. I'm like on the verge of crying it's so bad man.

    This is the alternate email they are using, but it's not the one I had linked to my account at all. Can someone please help me out. xhero@hotmail.com
  17. jzon159

    jzon159 New Member

    How did you figure out his email? my account just got hacked as well it was an hour ago... can anyone help?????
  18. ghost770

    ghost770 New Member

    can you get my account back please my gamertag is ghost770 i not lie help me my account got hack 3 or 4 days ago i sent xbox a message thay replay say thay hekp but i have not hear form them for 2 days now help me get it back:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin
  19. FeTaL xx MoNkEy

    FeTaL xx MoNkEy New Member

    Can I also get help I have the same problem but I dont know anything about hacking and I dont know the new email password or anything. when I try to connect to xbox live it says that my windows live ID is invalid it also says that when I try to access msn or anything connected with my gamertag or windows live ID.
    please help my bank account is also connected to my live account directly
  20. Cynusps

    Cynusps New Member

    My 12 year old grandson has had his Xbox account hacked and 17 months of game play stolen. He is so upset and wants to sell his Xbox for this reason. I am going up there this Tuesday and would like to help him in some way. I personally do not play with Xbox or games but I am in the computer industry and follow instructions easily. If anyone hear can help me to help him I would REALLY appreciate it. Please email me at cynusps2002@yahoo.com. :thinking: :confused:

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