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My xbox live account hacked

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by AnGeIBeLoW, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. XNinjaX

    XNinjaX New Member

    :worried: Can u please hack the acoount Xxi Reaperz ixX. It is mine but a guy stole it of me. All i want is for someone 2 take it of him. U can keep it it has about 6700 microsoft points. Please someone just take it and screw it up. Thank you!
  2. triston15A

    triston15A New Member

    yeah man mine got jacked up yestarday.

    I logged into my xbox and it sed tht my stuff wasnt valid. i was like. wtf. so i tried to recover it cause i figured tht it just probably had a lil malfunction or something. so i went to recover it and it sed tht i couldnt. i kept on trying and eventually it started tlking about cradentials and tht peed me off. then the next day i tried again and it. no no no no. i tried it again late last night and it gave me some inland safe 133234 profile and it didnt have xbox live gold or anything. so i used tht and found my orig profile wich is triston A and next thing i know hes sending me a message saying tht he just got free microsoft points at some website. and the idiot didnt even change any of my stuff. just my password.

    im asking someone to please help me when you have the time. my new gamertag is triston15A.
    my email address is tristonarmstrong@yahoo.com and my facebook name is triston armstrong. im wearing a green hoodie in my pic
  3. tannerjostad

    tannerjostad New Member

  4. reyeskids2009

    reyeskids2009 New Member

    my account was hack by ii scre4m my user name was reyeskids2009 n plzzzzzzzzz someone help me get it back :mad::cryin::hang:
  5. reyeskids2009

    reyeskids2009 New Member

  6. nice gonzalez

    nice gonzalez New Member

    my account been hacked to =( my lil brother gave it 2 sum1 he didnt even kno and now i kant go online anymore ='(
  7. Theforgottenreaper

    Theforgottenreaper New Member

    Hey, my account got hacked too.. I fell for a microsoft points genorator, and y'know, I didnt really want those points anyways.. You and I might have been hacked by the Same person, cause that Gamertag seems familiar, but I could be wrong. My friends and I are doing everything we can to get back at the person that did this to me, and get justice. I hope the same happens with you.

    "Spartans never die, they're just missing in Action"
  8. Theforgottenreaper

    Theforgottenreaper New Member

    Btw, My Gamertag was ShinigamiSolo13, thats why I am the Forgotten Reaper here.. Shinigami translates to Reaper from Japanese to english. Menacing gamertag right? anywho, I think the hacker changed my gamertag to Psychoduck, and there are about 5 gamertags with that name, so if anyone can help, please do.
  9. underground_devil

    underground_devil New Member

    hard to rehack account better to make new one :)
  10. trenz254

    trenz254 New Member

    hey i kno this is totally unrelated but when i try to log into my xbox live account it says{xbox live membership isnt valid} and i forgot my windows live id and password and was wondering if there was anyway i could get it back all help will be greatly appreciated
  11. voltronic

    voltronic New Member

    hello guys i just found this website out because i been trying to figure out my xbox live account password i mean i can use the account freely but its been a while since i used it and i forgot all my credentials i still remeber the email i was wondering if anyone can help me get my password back if you could pm ill give you the info plz i would really like my password it would mean the world to me any help guys?
  12. momhere

    momhere New Member

    Hello. My son's xbox live account was hacked. If anyone can help me, please send me a PM. Thanks. I have no idea how these things work.
  13. Preestar

    Preestar New Member

    What utter nonsense is this... just go to gmail or hotmails recover password option but select the option I think my email account has been stolen, they will ask you a ton of security questions to verify your the genuine account holder for example what date did you create your account, when did you last access it, tell them the title of a recent message you sent or received ect ect and you will get it back

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