wtf is wrong with this code????

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#include<stdio.h> void quick(int[],int); main(){ int a[]={11,2,5,4,7,3}; int len=sizeof(a)/sizeof(a[0]); quick(a,len); int i=0; while(i<len){ printf("%d,",a[i]); i++; } } void quick(int a[],int len){ int pivot=a[0]; int loc=0; int i=0,j=len-1; while(i!=j){ while(j>=0 && i!=j ){ if(a[j]<pivot){ printf("asdasdad"); a[loc]=a[j]; loc=j; break; } j--; } while(a[i]<len && i!=j){ if(a[i]>pivot){ a[loc]=a[i]; loc=i; break; } i++; } } a[i]=pivot; }

copy this code in ur compiler and try out..... it does not work for the given array of a quick sort implementation for the first recursive step.....recursion is pending...i will do it later....but this problem has to be sorted out first.
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