Writing Encryption Algorithms - How-To?

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Alright, first off I would like to apologize for this being my first post. I know on many of the forums I am a member of, when someone registers, asks a question for their first post, then never posts again, well it gets very annoying. But in my searches this was the only forum I could find that seems to have a semi-decent, to say the least, member base that might be able to help me.

Anyways, on to my question. Recently I've been getting into computer security, programming, and well, the technical side of computers more and more. One thing that fascinates me in cryptography and I am really curious if anyone knows of any guides, tutorials, how-to's, or websites that can help teach me how to write my own encryption algorithms and implement them into a program, programatically.

Thanks so much for any help, and I did search the forum the best I could, but I could not find what I was hoping to, so sorry if I missed something.
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I have never personally written my own, however after a quick google search i found a few links that might help you.


Might want to decide what language you want to write it in first, then do some searches from there.
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