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Wireless sensor network webserver using zigbee protocol

Discussion in 'ASP' started by sangareddy, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. sangareddy

    sangareddy New Member

    Dear Friends
    Kindly suggest me how to design a web page for my above said topic. It is very urgent. Please help me.
  2. LynxSI

    LynxSI New Member

    You need to specify more information. Zigbee is not only a protocol but also a wireless standard similar to Bluetooth. I would imagine you need to share with us what sensors you wish to use and what type of data you wish gather/log/share with your web server.

    Then you will need to select a Zigbee bridge hardware to work with a PC Server to talk with your wireless sensor network.

    Start with that research and see where it gets you.
    - Ben

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