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Windows8, what about it

Discussion in 'Windows' started by Obisco0X, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Obisco0X

    Obisco0X New Member

    I just wanted to know what u guys would expect from the upcoming Windows8 after your experiences with Windows7
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Yet another disappointment and so I am already into MAC now.
    Obisco0X likes this.
  3. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    I expect another even more secured OS, with so high security, that it becomes really annoying.
  4. neo_vi

    neo_vi New Member

    This is my experience with Windows 8. I downloaded the developer preview. I ran it in VirtualBox and encountered many silly bugs. I rebooted twice. Then I saw the logo, "Please wait, windows is repairing...".
    I realized the power of Microsoft then. Great OS to lose all your data @ one shot. Enjoy Windows 8.

    @shabbir: you are safe with MAC. :)
  5. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Yes very Safe :D
  6. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    Windows is still getting just more horrible, whilst MAC and Linux is still getting more awesome!
  7. silvan4now

    silvan4now New Member

    well let's just wait for an official version before criticizing the new OS. i think there are some potential optimizations that would amaze us all
  8. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    Ok theen, I hope you are right :) I will surely wait and test a final version.
  9. Carlow Olson

    Carlow Olson Banned

    Hello friends,

    Windows 8 is the codename for the next version of the Microsoft Windows computer operating system following Windows 7. It has many changes from previous versions.

    Best regards
    Carlow Olson
  10. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    Indeed? Don't say! Lol huh ... :D
  11. pajaskucek

    pajaskucek New Member

    I am expecting to make two versions of the tablets, etc., and then for desktop PCs and notebooks. But after reading a few reviews I found that there is only one version and according to those comments is more for tablets and mobile. I also noticed that disappeared "start" button, instead there is only wondows character who runs the so-called "tiling system". Otherwise, I think it will be similar to Windows 7.
  12. HurychZdenek

    HurychZdenek New Member

    I expected from Windows 8 greater stability, more interactive graphical user interface. But I think that is probable that this operating system will need greater processor frequency and more capacity of operating memories. However I'm looking forward to complete version of Win8.
  13. HurychZdenek

    HurychZdenek New Member

    * I'm expecting
  14. jaydeee

    jaydeee New Member

    I feel that this really designed for phone not for PC.
    I am liking windows 7 though. :)

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