windows does not recognize cd inserted in cd drive-please help

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my windows professional operating system does not recognize CDs put into the drive.the problem wasn't solved even after replacing the drive.everything was going fine a few weeks before and it suddenly developed such a kind of i have to change the system registry or anything else to solve the problem.after i inset the disk and click on the cd-drive icon it displays the message "please insert disk into dive F: ". 'F:' is my cd-rom drive.

please help anyone.BIG THANKS in advance
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Pls try the following. Hope it helps you.
If u are sure the drive is well connected and jumpers set correctly, run the "system restore" utility. Restore the system to an earlier date when the drive last work.
I also have the experience that whenever PC DJ is running, Cds dont open, therefore a recently installed application may be causing the problem. Unistall any new program u installed.
I hope the system restore help You if only the problem is not from the drive itself.