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Windows 7 help

Discussion in 'Windows' started by kiranbvsn, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. kiranbvsn

    kiranbvsn New Member

    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum,I will continue my journey from now on and looking forward to share my ideas with you guys,

    I've one query on the installation of windows 7 OS, presently it was installed in my laptop, but I want another installation to my desktop PC,

    can i take the bootable disk from laptop and install the same to my desktop?
  2. pankaj.sea

    pankaj.sea New Member

    It depends on the copy of windows u r using!
    Means, if its single user copy then u can't install it on another PC.
  3. kiranbvsn

    kiranbvsn New Member

    I forgot to tell one thing earlier, actual i don't have the original windows installation disc, i want to make one from my laptop (like restoring the windows or making the laptop windows installation as bootable)

    what if it is multi user licensed copy?

    The fact is my laptop windows installation is provided by my company
  4. pankaj.sea

    pankaj.sea New Member

    there may be some serial key of the windows in the laptop's back site sticker. using that u may get a installation disc but u will be unable (not actually unable, its illegal) to install it on another pc.
    if you want to do it illegally then install and turn automatic update off of the previous (old) windows installation. better to obtain a genuine copy!
  5. kiranbvsn

    kiranbvsn New Member

    how much is the genuine copy of windows 7 will be?
  6. pankaj.sea

    pankaj.sea New Member

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