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I just got Win-Spy and am trying to figure out how to do a remote install. Their instructions say create a file, then send this file to the other end user through your email. Is it supposed to automatically configure their firewall so that the file can be opened without the firewall or antivirus blocking it? This did not work for me. The antivirus blocked it. I would assume that this means that the program didn't install. Is that correct? It also says to send an exel document and when they click on the attachment then the program will install in the background silently. What if the user can't open an exel file? This is something i was a fraid of so I just created a file and sent a pic (jpeg) with it but when the jpeg was to be downloaded it was blocked. Any other suggestions?

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lol, winspy looks interesting....... I'm tempted to try it but unfortunatly I ain't got a PC
so I cant do fuk all!

but just one question... r you using shareware version or the full one???
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full version. shareware version puts an icon in the systray. dont want target to see that icon do we?